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1210 Turntable Music

The 1210. The world's most popular DJ-turntable standard within turntables.

Check out my 1210 turntable t-Shirt right here:…
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thanks mate :) Glad you like it 
purpose87's avatar
super dope !!!
Madspeitersen's avatar
Thanks alot mate, i am glad that you like it ;)
grizzlebaer103's avatar
This is so cool! Great work!!
Madspeitersen's avatar
Thank you very much my friend :) I am happy that you like it ;)
long-forgotten-sense's avatar
wow i'm the biggest technics fan (i've got many technics components in my system) ... Amazing showing that it's alive!!!

i just have no more words to say...
Madspeitersen's avatar
Thanks alot my friend. I am glad that you like it :) Yeah i hope that it inspires you ;)
long-forgotten-sense's avatar
Thank's... you bet it does.

Even now i'm amazed by it... you know, music is everything for me, and vynil (i'm not really talking aboyt dj-ing now) is the best support for it. A lp disc has the music on it, it's there you can hear it!

Digital is a cold sound, a ghost... and you showed here where the life is. Amazing, again!
soyotomo89's avatar
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Thanx mate ;) Glad you like it
gard3r's avatar
..a real turntable with guttttttttts!
in this pic its shown XD
Madspeitersen's avatar
Hahaha, absolutely ;) Wheres that from?!
JussiKarro's avatar
Best one of the series. :+fav:
Madspeitersen's avatar
Thanx alot mate ;) I myself am not sure which one i like the most. All i know is that i really enjoy making them and want to create more for you guys ;)
sandrodcpereira's avatar
Fantastic work! :clap:

I'm sure I've stumbled across this picture before, though I can't remember where. Was it used in any kind of ad?
Madspeitersen's avatar
Thanx mate, theres alot of effort put in this ;)

You propably have stumled upon it online or somewhere, try google my name;) But yeah, its kinda telling story on amultible level. I could see it in ads :)
chaitanyak's avatar
love this series
Madspeitersen's avatar
thank you, it was fun creating them :wave
nitehood's avatar
Organic and self repairing. No wonder I've never had to take mine apart!
Madspeitersen's avatar
thats a sign of quality my friend :) Awesome
SWCameraEyes's avatar
Very awesome. I love the ammonite hidden in there :)
Madspeitersen's avatar
hehe, yeah.. Its the inner ear. We all have that ;)
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