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Random drawing of a giant croc, a hunter, and her two dogs...

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I wish I can alter photos like that and made them into same level of awesome. Really great stuff.

I would love it if this were a video game.

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"It's not dead. Just sleeping off a monster meal! She and the wolves know that the beast may sleep for a week after eating.  And since it's the largest beyond-apex predator, it has no concern for anything disturbing it..., except another of it's kind."  - Prof. Anton Veeblefitzer
Jon the 3rd_Medium level 

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...The lighting on that monster....

Artimist - Happy / Cute / Amazing / wow

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ZZZZZZZZZZZ Lady & dogs: !?
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More like oof

Really well made, congrats
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Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

Very cool piece, congrats on the DD.
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Congratulations on the DD! Clap
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Amazing piece and congrats on your Daily Deviation!
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so stunning! you can feel the weight of the coco's face, congrats!
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Looks like someone beat her to it.  Though I don't think the rifle would be big enough to make it notice the mosquito bites.
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The rifle looks like an Arisaka type 38.    ^^
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Man if it was me... I would not be there at all! Damn I can't trust lying big creatures esp crocs who might actually be asleep! Well you see what happens in the movies!

But wonderful work!

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"Something killed that croc, boys. And I don't want to stay here to find out what!"
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Epic, reminds me of Monster Hunter World, which I've been seeing a lot of lately.
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Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh this is too realistic

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This is what Monster Hunter would look like if it was even more realistic than World.
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