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Two Bikes

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Metheena's avatar

Very well done! Great visual story telling.

enmesarra's avatar

Will you ever do a print of this? Truly inspiring work! Makes me want to write.

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Theeartistkid's avatar

Congrats on the DD!

Yasuki-Konno's avatar

Really like the concept and idea here. Also both futuristic technology design and meticulously realized restaurant details are impressive as is the juxtaposition of light & dark both figuratively and materially.

Despite the era or time period, drawing a relaxed, idyllic scene like this really helps ground the characters AND universe with an authentic feel, it makes the crafted world within the art believable and one could already imagine wandering and "getting lost" within the bustle of that area. Heres hoping to see more art based on this universe from you.

hbaf187's avatar

The intimacy of sharing a meal. :)

Kyouken0w0's avatar
bevelhead's avatar

Brilliant work; congrats on the DD!

LindArtz's avatar

Very nice work!!! :clap:

jonberry's avatar

Congrats on the Daily Dev!

ResistReality's avatar

Futuristic theme nice I got you

Sekitonbo's avatar

This really ought to be in Cyberpunk...

AOGRAI's avatar
Love the feel n ambience of the whole scene
majorart007's avatar

That's really, really cool. I really like the background (the ramen food stand and the cyberpunk setting). I'll be looking to see more.

hbaf187's avatar

I am glad to see that the archetypal "Thank You" bag has survived up though 2077.

I see it now constantly.

Maybe they will be biodegradable by then. :clap:

majorart007's avatar

I'm sorry, but I don't understand what your comment means?

hbaf187's avatar

Typically people only share a meal by the side of the road with someone they trust, and that is nice. Who knew street samurai trusted anyone?

soulSmith1's avatar

That big bowl of ramen

putridCheese's avatar

2 bikes and a large bowl of what can be presumed as ramen.

JPRyno's avatar

Amazing!!! :D

AlydaBookworm's avatar

The lighting in this is awesome- and I love the storytelling aspect. :)

jonberry's avatar

Two styles of bike? I like them both.

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