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absolutely beautiful, the light and composition are superb. i love how the lighter parts are more hazy. i can just feel the atmosphere.. you captured a spontaneous moment from another world
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This is art..... *-*
amazing work man !
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Yeah, that's definitely good!
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Your lighting is really striking! Beautiful piece.
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Beautiful atmosphere!
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excellent detail!
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The crowd is particularly awesome, really great style, makes me think of craig mullins
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you stole this picture from *insert company here*!!!!! xD Lol. Remember me? Well, just came by and said hello and good art my friend. =) Have a good time and hope your days are filled with joy and happiness! :D
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Haha. If you want to complain about copy and paste theft check out this guy [link]
I'm flattered that I am good enough to be stolen from, but ape sh** angry that I have been robbed.
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:O He needs a spanking! xD Lol.
And yes, that would be very irritating. >-> I'm going to complain on his ass. He already did too. xD Lucky bastard, I would've chewed his ass out!
I use photobucket...and download some pictures on there, but I don't say I'm the artist of them. =\ At least not the majority of them.
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HAHAHA. Okay you win.
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beautiful man incredible light in this one
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Made it look like a traditional piece, just sweet!
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Great colors in the crowd!
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I love the architecture of the buildings! :D
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