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On Target

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needs more medieval-ness next round!
data powers activate! EMP!
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saw this pic in "epic music" video
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The colors are incredible !
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So much balance in this......its satisfying
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inside instantly !
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holy shit this is cool :o :o :o 
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Their armor is awesome, where can I get some?
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reminds me of destiny ._.

cool pic
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if you look he posted this pic way before destiny, by almost two years
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Why does that matter?
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Huh... Didn't realize that. That makes it all the more original!
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It looks bad ass, unstoppable, powerful!!
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this is awesome!
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Oh wow, I love this target-finding hologram laser. When you are the enemy then it would be like a laserpointer that blinds you a bit through al the smoke and dust in the air and you wonder what that is.... till this energyball bursts through your body! Very cool armor design, reminds me a bit of destiny of the futuristic warlock there... very inspiring!
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dude your art is just awesome. i LOVe just looking at it! its like a scene from an amazing movie every single time. thank you.
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I just love how you mix sci-fi and fantasy together, they just fit so well!
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Simply Badass
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This is amazing. You sir have a gift!
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This just screams Destiny's mythical science fiction feel. It's gritty and beautiful, the most conventional technology is what appears to be magic. Simply wonderful. Great work. 
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