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November 19, 2008
~MadSketcher uses clean simple lines to create a powerful message in Babysitter.
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waw this is truly awesome
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Thank! This one seems to get featured quite a bit. :P
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:] haha really? well i guess i shouldn't be surprised by that
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intriguing, realistic, and unique <3
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Love the concept and how simply and cleanly you executed it. :)
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you've been featured here: [link]
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I had a crush On mine!
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Hrm... that's another show, for another time... but thanks for sharing!
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jk I never had one!
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Sad how true it is.
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Yes... *cries a single, perfect tear*
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Immensely well done. It's sad how kids pay so much attention to TV nowadays..

I'm 14 and I don't, really. We never had cable from when I was six until thirteen. And now we never watch it. xD
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I was a TV junkie as a kid, teenager, and young adult up until a few years ago, really. I don't even have one now. I don't think it was bad for me, though... my attention span totally sucks, and reading can be a chore, but I'm intelligent enough to know the ills of it... and now, it's gotten incredibly disturbing and BLATANT in it's conditioning efforts. The "music" channels alone freak me out. When I have a conjugal visit, like at a bar or something, I see the most outrageous transformations... I think popular music has been actually taken over by spokesmodels, masquerading as musicians. It's really eerie. Don't get me started on the futuristic elimination shows. DUN DUN DUUUUM CRAAAASH. DUN... DUN DUN!!!
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Oh noooooooooooooooooooooo! xD
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A bit like Uzumaki.
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BTW the one thing that movie needed was spiraly genitalia. Oh well. Maybe in the sequel.
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