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Dont Trust Your Reflection by PowerOfSin Dont Trust Your Reflection :iconpowerofsin:PowerOfSin 131 26
Spaz's 2018 NaNoWriMo Writer's Block Guide
Spaztique's Brief Guide to Alleviating Writer's Block
Disclaimer: Please don’t leave any thanks on this guide unless it has significantly helped you in your work. Anyone can merely read this guide, but it doesn’t matter unless the ideas in it help you in the long run.
Welp, you asked for it: according to this poll for National Novel Writing Month 2018, you folks wanted writer's block advice, slightly ahead of plotting advice. Luckily, writer's block and plotting tend to be closely related: because we don't know what to put next, we don't write, so it could be easy to say that the cure for one will be the cure for the other, right?
Well, maybe.
It's actually a little more complex than that.
It's rather ironic that one thing we all do when we have writer's block is to read yet another guide on writer's block, but I have designed this
:iconspaztique:Spaztique 8 2
Bowsette transforms! by PowerOfSin Bowsette transforms! :iconpowerofsin:PowerOfSin 1,689 184
[TUTORIAL] OpenToonz levels, tools and styles
Welcome to my third OpenToonz tutorial!
In this tutorial I will talk about levels in OpenToonz and the variety of tools that affect them and how they change for each type.
I will not be going over the basic OpenToonz set up, so you should consider checking out this tutorial first if you haven't already, since I will refer to it a lot.
If a tool is very complex and requires a lot of explanation, I will just explain the general idea and link to another tutorial, or just keep it open for later once I have a tutorial for it.
NOTE: I am using the windows version 1.2.1. I will also use the Xsheet view instead of the timeline. All said here will apply to the timeline the same, but screenshots will show the xsheet. It should still be easy to follow.
What are Levels in OpenToonz?
A level is a collection of images that share properties, like the style palette, size and type.
I touched on this briefly in my first tutoria
:iconpowerofsin:PowerOfSin 25 0
[TUTORIAL] Motion Tweening in OpenToonz
Welcome to my second OpenToonz tutorial!
Since people seemed to like the first one (I think), I decided to make the next one where I will explain how tweening and motion works in OpenToonz.
If you are just joining in, I would suggest checking the first tutorial to make sure we are on the same track since I won’t be repeating what I already covered there.
Tweening Basics
Let’s cover the basic theory first and the most basic way tweens are used. Advanced stuff will be down below.
What is Tweening?
NOTE: I am uncertain if that is the proper term, but Flash coined the Motion Tween and Shape Tween terms for this so I tend to still use them.
A tween is a computer generated animation calculated automatically to fill frames between two user defined keyframes.
For example, if I move an object to a point A on frame 1 and at frame 10 m
:iconpowerofsin:PowerOfSin 42 22
[TUTORIAL] Start animating with OpenToonz 1.2
Welcome to the second verson of my beginner OpenToonz tutorial!
This tutorial is about setting OpenToonz up and how the basic tools work so you can start making simple animations in it. More specific tutorials may come in the future.
The images are smaller for easier scrolling so click them to look at the big versions.
I will assume some basic computer literacy but if anyone finds anything hard to follow, let me know in the comments and I will try to help.
At the very bottom you will see a few sample animations which which can be made using only tools explained in this tutorial (animation skills not included).
[[ If during the tutorial you see an italic paragraph in square brackets like this one, you are free to skip it since it does not contain information required for the tutorial. But you may read through it to get further insight into some features that will be covered in further tutorials but for now will just have a short summary for those curiou
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posing+anatomy bonus by sakimichan posing+anatomy bonus :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,766 25


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(Incomplete) Arcland: Assault the river blockade
NOTE: This proves to be way too complicated for my current ability. Next time I will start with grayscale.

I used Krita 4.1.7. I am not quite familiar with the brushes yet, and these really are too many objects, and of course starting from full color proved to be very difficult. I originally intended for a full scale air combat here, but the composition was quite difficult, so I may need some practice on the subject. I also messed up the lighting in the scene so I couldn't paint the water properly, so I omitted many smaller boats that should be here.


NOTE: one day I will put up the wiki I use to record the world setting. After I finish filling up the gaps.

Historical Significance in Arcland

Early during the Great War against the elves, the human-dwarf united force concentrates a flotilla and a sizable air force breaks out to the ocean... for the first time in centuries. Included were: three battleships designed specifically to break through the barricade shield; six frigates whose decks were stuffed with AA guns; some 150 smaller gunboats; some 30 torpedo boats; and some 800-strong jet-powered wizards with newly fitted pulsejet engines. The convoy rushed down the river just when the tide went low. With heavy secondaries bombarding the riverbanks and concentrated air superiority, the convoy broke through the magic barricade with heavy guns and torpedoes with moderate loss.

After the battle, the flotilla landed on a coral island and constructed a base with airstrips by scrapping the ships, which would prove strategically significant during the war.
In the light
She is one of the character I plan to use in a story. An unusually tall girl who might or might not bump her head everywhere she goes. This idea has been here for a long time, but my previous stories were... well, not good. Now that I am confident at writing, at least, a readable story that isn't wish-fulfillment, I might just go for a medium-sized one.


This is intended as a backlight study, so I was VERY adventurous about color here. Her skin tone turns out quite a bit darker than I intended. Though, since you can clearly see the light source, form, and space, I'd say the backlight aspect is a success. However, the color is just off. I think I can use much higher chroma because she is supposed to be paler.

I also changed the photographing app and it makes my life much easier. The exposure and white balance is about right instantly.

Paints used:

DS Ultimate Mixing Set

I messed up some mixing by using wrong blues so I wouldn't put a detailed description of my paints this time. I painted this in about three layers, first hue shifts due to light source, then base color, and then shadows.
Tiny Landscape Study
Another tiny sized landscape study. This time with professional watercolors and proper paper (ie. not cheap sketch paper). Also, this one is done without reference.

Since it looks like a landscape with depth, I'd say it is a success.

4cm x 6cm on Moleskine watercolor journal. 200gsm I believe, and it handles light washes like this quite well.

Paints used:
DS Ultimate mixing set

I used orange-blue to mix the darks. The clouds are Jane's grey (Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna), while the silhouette of treeline is Pyrrol Scarlet + Phthalo Blue GS (much more intense than the clouds).

Grass is a mixture of Brown Ochre, Burnt sienna, and Hansa Yellow Medium. Darkest regions have Raw Umber added.

Sky and water use mixes of Pht Green BS, Cerulean, and Ultramarine. Warm regions are Hnsa Yellow Medium, Brown Ochre, and Pyrrol Scarlet.
Cirno - The First Snow
Since today is the first snow this winter, I decided to make a painting of our beloved Ice Fairy!


Painted on a Pentallic watercolor album, 4"x6". I used the Daniel Smith Ultimate Mixing Set (a 35% off seemed to be a good investment. and I really love the paints).

Skintone uses Brown Ochre + Burnt Sienna, with shadows adjusted towards red, and subsequently dulling down.

Anything blue are a mixture of Cerulean + Ultramarine, with lighter area closer to cyan and darker area closer to violet.

Anything white are shaded with a mixture of Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna. Light shadows are very diluted grey, while darker shadows take on some reflected colors (mostly blue, in this case).

Ice is a bit tricky. The critical understanding is that: as transparent objects, they reflect light near full strength, preserving their chroma. Thus, the white of paper is used in highlights of the edge, while the centers are much darker and more saturated blues. I judged by rule of thumb, that the faces further from light would be darker and slightly less saturated. The lighter faces would be much more saturated and lighter. If the environment behind the face is some other color (say, green), then the face should have some of that color, too.

The tiny ice cube is too far to the right, so I did not put much effort into that.

The shoe uses Jane's grey, using the paper's white as highlight. Darker region contain some more Ultramarine, while the side of the sole is layered with Burnt Sienna (a bit too much).

The background just gives a general impression of a lake, a tree line, and some snowy hills. I used some broken bruushstrokes to suggest water.
Last of the Giantessses -- Her New Shoes
Or, her new "Dwarven tailored and manufactured; using only highest grade of Titanium [pun intended] alloy; the same top-notch technology used in Dwarven Humongous Mecha (TM)" kind of shoes.

A quick sidenote: from now on I will just refer to this fantasy world as "Arcland". It would be the same world as my light novel Aerial Guardian in Fantasyland (which should probably be renamed as such). Arcland, as in "the land is curved".

This is painted on a full sheet of 7x10in Arches Cold Press paper, and it is practically the largest finished painting I have done so far. However, I did make the giantess too small in the composition, which proved a headache when trying to color her.

I do not have any experience on detailed landscapes, so I can only suggest trees with some wet in wet effect. They look tree-ish in thumbnail, but they are very blurry when zoomed in. Flowing water is also new to me, so it looks like still water right now.

On the other hand, I found that the sky in top left corner granulates in an amazing way. I like that part very much, and it was done using WN Raw Sienna + WN Cerulean, straight from the pan and painted on a surface of shiny wetness. Other parts of the sky are also done using Raw Sienna, WN Burnt Sienna, and WN Cerulean.

The autumn hills are mostly some mixture of WN Burnt Sienna and WN Raw Sienna. Trees are painted wet on wet using Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine, Winsor Blue GS, Winsor Green YS, and any amount of other blue mixtures that yield multiple shades of dull, warm, green. Colors were mixed directly on the wet paper.

The giantess's skintone is supposed to be warmer, but I decided to make her a bit lighter to contrast with the background. Her skintone is based on a Raw Sienna + Burnt Sienna mixture, and is adjusted with Perylene Maroon in the shadow area. Her loincloth was supposed to be white, but I accidentally painted over bounds, so I just decided to fill it with Ultramarine.

For the shoes, I attempted to design it so that it looks like something that a giant would really want: to reduce chance of slipping, falling, or spraining an ankle, since giants take extra fall damage due to the square-cube law (in fact, without magic, she'd probably die on being tripped). But then, I am no shoe designer, so I just went for something simpler. It is supposed to be metallic, but it is quite difficult to fill in these details.


No journal entries yet.


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