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Watership down OC: rosemary

By Madrox1275
Name: rosemary 
age: same as pipkin (in season 3)
warren: blue jewel warren 
family: ace (brother) 
likes: spring flowers, watershipdown, kittens,pipkin
dislikes: bullies, any rabbit who hurts pipkin.
crush: pipipkin
bio: rosemary used to live in blue jewel warren along with her brother ace.
Her other family members are unknown. Only her brother was with her.
she moved to watership down with her brother as her warren was destroyed by efrafans.
She fell in love with one of the rabbits named pipkin, who showed her around the warren.

personality: sweet, kind, funny, caring, shy, smart.

rosemary also has a French accent but her brother doesn't. (despite being related)
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