italy here i come !

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I will be shipped off to Italy tomorrow for the weekend with college should be a laugh :D with any luck i should have bloody epic photographs up by next Friday :)

will probable also be purchasing membership so expect some features to be thrown about !
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Lol I'm reading this in Germany right now and I hope you have a good trip in Italy! Get some good pics and I'll make sure I take some of Germany and its spray art too (I mean it covers everywhere you go and makes the place look nice 'sept the crap gang spray art).
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Ughh, I hope you have a lovely time, but I'm still a bit envious. Make sure you take some epic pics on my behalf, like of naked statue people and fountains and stuff. I'll also love you forever if you get me a short Italian baker man :) WITH A MOUSTACHE and a big white hat. Okay, great :) Have a blast xx
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:P you should have filled Holly's place !!! ahh well... im aiming to take unbelievable amounts of pics :D
short Italian baker men your kind of thing then ? XD

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Nah, I'd of had no spending monies anyways, so.

AND EW! No, they are not, they're just the epitome of Italian.

I want you to bring me a rock back or something aswell. I don't ask for much do I.