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Windows Mobile Wallpaper Pack



If you have trouble downloading: Simply visit the wallpaper-section of my portfolio: [link] ...

I just recently dug out my PDA to re-live my youth by playing Day of the tentacle and Indiana Jones 4 - some of my all-time favorite games amongst the original Super Nintendo's Super Mario Kart (does anyone still play that besides me?).
The lack of cool themes inspired me to release this pack containing 83 wallpapers for Windows Mobile-based handhelds in the resolutions of 480x640 and 240x320.

This pack features almost the entire lineup of my wallpapers as well as some never-released shots.

If you've enjoyed this wallpaper-pack you're more than welcome to visit my rummage table full of wallpaper-packs, digital illustrations and tutorials over at my new portfolio at [link]

There's another wallpack with 50 more wallpapers that you can find over here: [link]

P.S. If you own an iPhone, here's little hint: Check out manicho's "370 iPhone + iPod"-wallpaper-pack -> [link]
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Thank you for this. I have a Windows Mobile phone. HTC Arrive. <3