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MY new business card

For too long I've been scribbling my website's address onto napkins - a business card was long overdue ... I'm quite happy with it but I'll have to sleep over it to see if this sketch will make the jump into the real world.

I wanted it to be both simple and complex - that's why I went with the two opposing sides. The back of the card reads "fresh design"...

//edit: There is now a wallpaper-version: [link]
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Very cool, very clean, very nice :D
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Gefällt mir sehr gut!
Oh nice... despite the fact, that your business cars look VERY similar to the animaladventure cards...

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Great design, should be very effective.
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Love the design
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farben vllt bissl anpassen, ansonsten nett :)
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also ich find das vertkale design jedenfalls gut, das bleibt im gedächtnis und is nich so´n standard wie der rest! kewl :D
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I really love the back, not to sure about the front though, the whole vertical style is different though ;)
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Hey mate, always nice to hear from you.

How do you feel about the front? Not professional enough? Too simple? I always appreciate your input...
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fonts seem fine imo bro, they strike a good balance with the overall design imo

btw bud, check it out new look :P - [link]

still ironing out bugs etc, but yea it's getting there
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That actually read "front" but never mind :)

Like your new design - much more professional and tidy than the old version. Hope you get some business with it ! I'll be sure to visit from time to time...

By the way: Thought about using google analytics? I can only recommend it...
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hmm thanks man, yea i'll check that google thing out, and yes I already have my very first web client :D

I have doen skins for various places and clients, but neevr web, only done that for myself, so yea very excited ... and nervous at the same time, but yea i have got it sorted, will budget my time and make sure I am very organized etc, so all should be fine :)

hehe you don't have to drop by mate, it's ok, drop by my dev profile np, but yea no pressure, thanks for kindness :)
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Du hast eine gute Website ! Und die karte ist auch nicht schlecht^^
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