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Digital Illustration Tutorial

If you've enjoyed this tutorial feel free to visit my portfolio for more tutorials, resources and some nice wallpaper-packs... -> [link]

This tutorial gives you some insight in to techniques and concepts that I have employed in my digital illustration "Chasing The Unreachable", which is available in a high resolution over here: [link]

Learn how to:
- Create and colorize a textured background
- Create a custom brush-style in Adobe Photoshop
- Employ the Smudge-Tool and Displace-Filter
- Create and modify custom vector-shapes
- Optimize color-curves and alter colors using adjustment layers

Fell free to spread this tutorial on your blogs or websites but please link back to my portfolio ( [link]) for other people to get their hands on my tutorials and images as well.
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I'm having a hard time using the smudge tool, I can't seem to get the same effect as MadPotato's. Can anyone explain me the steps to create that awesome effect?
I can't wait to try all of this! Thank you :)
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Much appreciated - thank you very much !
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just what I needed^^ :+fav:
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awesome tutorial. used it: [link]
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Wow I love it. Awesome job on your own graphics as well.
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Cheers - love your username by the way :)
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Oh! Sorry about that, just found your signature with it! :]

Ich liebe Ihre Website, ich bin nicht fließend Deutsch. Ich bin nicht sicher, wie gut ich spreche. aber ich liebe Ihre Website haben Sie es von Grund auf neu?
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You too! :] So do you work for some company in the art division? Because if not you should.

Alright so I have to tell you about the most awkward thing that happened today, I saw a picture of a Pumpkin glaring at a potato that someone did in cartoon style... Just thought I throw that one out there.
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great tutorial! where can i find the aeiko001 file? I have CS4, but i still have no idea where to find it. :(
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tried that and for some reason it didnt work, but ty ty ty!
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Oh wait! Nevermind
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Uh... how do u see the actual tutorial? All I see is the first page, and at the top it says "Four page tutorial."
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Ha, i CANNOT draw. Thank you!
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thanks, nice tutorial
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Thanks a lot! Your tuts are of the best I EVER saw :)

Again, you're the best (tho thumbs up)
madpotato, you are a genius! Weiter so mit der guten arbeit!!
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