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Create A PDA From Scratch



If you've enjoyed this tutorial, feel free to visit my portfolio ([link]) for more tutorials, resources and some pretty wallpaper-packs.

Whether you want to advertise a mobile application, digital service or wallpaper- package, the involvement of sexy new digital toys is one way of ensuring the attention of your technology-loving audience and us nerds...
This well illustrated tutorial will walk you through the process of creating an iPhone-/ Windows Mobile-hybrid kind of SmartPhone and teach you some of the key-techniques of creating digital device mock ups. The original, layered Photoshop-file is enclosed for your convenience, offering you a chance to retrace the tutorial's steps and reconstruct the original illustration.

-> Vector Shapes / Pen-Tool
-> Layer-Masks
-> Layer-Styles
-> Dodge- & Burn-Tool
-> Blur Filter
-> Overlay-Modes

Click download to get your hands on the 4-page PDF-tutorial and the original layered .PSD. Feel free to use the original .PSD in all of your non-commercial works as long as you supply a link back to my portfolio ([link])
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