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3D-Typo Using Only Photoshop

If you've enjoyed this tutorial, feel free to visit my portfolio ([link]) for more tutorials, resources and some pretty wallpaper-packs.

What you'll learn:
- Creating A Bubble Brush
- Creating / Employing Actions
- Illustrating 3D-Typography Using Only Photoshop
- Illustrating Vector Swirls
- Additional Visual Effects

I will most likely not be the first person to tell you that three-dimensional typography is experiencing an ever increasing popularity amongst both designers and their audience. An understandable development as the third dimension introduces new elements and uncharted playgrounds into the wonderful world of typography, combining the aspects of design and communication in an unparalleled fashion. While most other articles on 3D-typography employ external 3D-rendering applications, this introduction will guide you through the complete process of recreating the tutorial’s cover illustration using Adobe Photoshop and it’s built-in tools only. The tutorial comes with the illustration’s original, layered .PSD-file, a set of 8 3D-Actions and the original bubble- and smudge-brushes.


Using a localized version of Photoshop? See this comment for details on how to avoid problems with your actions: [link]

What people have created (using this tutorial as a source of inspiration):
If you want your image to appear here as well, just drop me a note - I love seeing what you guys come up with

  • KanyD - "Library Refreshed" -> [link]

  • Tamilia - "TM Abstract" -> [link]

  • No10x - "Untitled" -> [link]

  • Misdelivered - "Speak to me" -> [link]

  • C-GFX - "3D Typoraphy Bubbles" -> [link]

  • Leema01 - "The Roxi 3d Text Project" -> [link]

  • dr3amx - "3D dr3amX" -> [link]

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Such a smart and good idea..This tutorial will surely help us all..Thanks for sharing it..
how can i download this tutorial...cant find a link
MadPotato's avatar
To the right you'll find a link called "Download this file" (above "more from madPotato"). That ZIP-File contains everything you need. If you can't find it, simply use the search-function of your browser (in most cases CTRL+F)
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Great Thanks for Great sharing
Bestie71's avatar
thanks for the share.
Fulsia's avatar
Wouw... you're really amazing! Very nice result, and it works :D
wonderful!thanks a lot for this amazing tutorial.
larien-numenesse's avatar
the tutorials are great! thanks for this :)
Berryfox's avatar
ist nen tolles ttut |D sehr intressant :D werds auf alle fälle mal versuchen auch wenn mein englisch lausig ist XD <3
MadPotato's avatar
Much appreciated - it's always a pleasure to see my tutorials exposed to even more people. deviantArt has given me so much, I hope some of my work helps to repay the community a bit :)
Jarod-fr's avatar
Great job! Lot of thx MadPotato !

Just wanna say that the action is working great, without any correction, only if:
1- you use an english version of Adobe Photoshop
2- the original text-layer is named "text" no other name, even with an english version of Photoshop

About point 1:
Indeed, if you look closer at steps of action named, for instance, "Extrude_TopLeft", there are steps which need to work with layer named "text copy 2" and then with layer named "text copy".
But in french, copy is written as copie, so when duplicate a layer named "blah", the new layer name is "blah copie" and not "blah copy". Consequently named do not match, and this drive action to fail.

About point 2:
Looking closer to the same action as in point 1. Action try to match layer named "text ..."
So if you named it otherwise it fails too, because

Thanks for your tutorial, I understood how actions works, how to obtain extrusion, and much more with Photoshop. So no problem anymore for me to obtain extrusion actions on my french Adobe Photoshop version and make my own 3D creations. But I just wanted to let you know about those points, hope this will help.

I did not succeed to modify steps of your actions. If someone know how, just tell me. ;)
Tips: if someone want to use your actions but is lazy to recreate his own ones. He has just to expand the corresponding action, unchecked steps with bad layer names, and steps below.
Then play the modified Action, and realise corresponding unchecked steps by himself.

One more thing about french: Actions "menu" is named Scripts "menu" in french.
Hope this could help too an other french guy.
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Hey, Jarod!

Thank you for your detailed comment! I've linked your comment in the post's description so other users of localized Photoshop-versions can find your helpful information more easily.

I did put a short reference on page 3 of the tutorial on how Photoshop identifies the layer(s) it references in it's actions but I admit that this detail may easily be overlooked. The short info reads "The action that we are about to create will identify the layer it is supposed to work with by it's name. That is why you should have renamed your layer[..]".

Again, thank you for taking the time to help others in the spirit of creative commons.
Very Nice art ... I was wondering if you can register on my forum and Post some of your art inside the graphics showcase area of my forum. I really like your work
MadPotato's avatar
Thank you for the invite - I currently don't have the time to be part of forums or other kinds of activites - but feel free to post a selection of your favorite works on your site. All I ask is you give credit and link to my portfolio: (www. madPotato .de)
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Wow this looks amazing, I can't wait to get started on this tutorial!
noriega0722's avatar
how to see the tutorial of this?
MadPotato's avatar

Just look for the "Download File"-Button in the upper right corner - this'll hook you up with the PDF-Tutorial and the support-files.
Thanks so much man .. truly inspirational .. i'm gonna get started right away.
MadPotato's avatar
Cheers, mate ! It's always a pleasure to see people share the same passion for design that I feel :)
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