Final Pony Sale - LOWEST PRICES EVER !!!!!

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As many of you are aware, I am retiring very soon and instead of these little ponies being stuck in a box not seeing daylight for years, I am offering them up for sale 1 last time at the lowest prices ever so act now if you want to get them or they will never be available again! Prices do not include shipping. If interested, send me a note with your address and I will give you a total with shipping. I will ship anywhere in the world.

Pinkie Pie Copperpony by MadPonyScientist Pinkie Pie Copperpony at the beach with Gummy - over 6 inches tall   $80

Princess Luna Monitor Hanger by MadPonyScientist Princess Luna Monitor Buddy - SOLD

Pinkie Cakes by MadPonyScientist Pinkie cakes - SOLD

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zbvfdb-p's avatar
Aww. I would have bought Pinkie Cakes. I was thinking about her in the last sale, but forgot : ( Enjoy, whoever bought her.
nateman747's avatar
glad to see the pinkie cakes has been claimed. I'd hate to know she was stuck in a box somewhere.
firesoxs's avatar
kind of want copper pony Pinkie but I don't think that that would go over to well after my Fluttershy purchase, plus my parents would think I have some weird fetish (they don't understand art)
ravenlady13's avatar
It could be worse, my mom keeps confusing MLP and furries. "Isn't that the thing where people dress as animals to, you know..." "no. It's ponies. People dress as the characters to show off at conventions." "They do it in PUBLIC?!" "It's not like that, mom...." My dad just says the ponies have "pretty colors" and leaves it at that lol
Dronita's avatar
How much would it cost with shipping to Norway? I'm considering on buying it, but it depends on the price.
MadPonyScientist's avatar
Well, shipping would probably be about $16 but she has been claimed...just waiting on the money.
Dronita's avatar
Oh, okay then.
Obsessor0fThings's avatar
P-Pinkie Cakes is at an affordable price! :iconiwantitplz:

But alas, I spent my money on something else.... :iconotlplz:
MadPonyScientist's avatar
Well,somebody else already claimed her anyway...just waiting on the $$
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