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Art n' Soul pony commission

This is Art n' Soul OC pony commission for :iconifoxspirit:

Made by me - MadPonyScientist

Commission are OPEN
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KODAK EASYSHARE C182 Digital Camera
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1/128 second
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17 mm
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Jan 11, 2009, 10:14:24 AM
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Hehe...this coming from someone that likes to make pictures of riding penises!!!!! I think we all know who the queer is. I guess it must be true about what the experts the people that are the most outspoken about something are the ones that are really hiding something. Well, I just wanted you to know...we are now living in a more enlightened world..a more accepting it's okay for you to come out of the closet. You don't have to hide what you are. Just tell everyone you are gay and proud. Tell them that you love penises so much that your own is not enough and that you want all the penises you can get! I'm sure most of your friends and family will accept you for what you are. What have you got to lose? I mean, hell, you already live in Lithuania so your life couldn't get much worse.
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It would get worse if I'd became a horse fucking little bitch like you, Mr. Enlightenment.
MadPonyScientist's avatar
I can't imagine any way that your life could possible get worse. I mean seriously, you make art with penises and you live in Lithuania!!!! :giggle: If I had not seen your page I wouldn't have believed it. It's like a cruel joke was played on you or something.
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It's funny to see a brony commenting my life.
MadPonyScientist's avatar
Because your life is so funny that it needs to be commented on!
Klakalasas1337's avatar
At least it's not pathetic like someone's who worships fictional ponies.
MadPonyScientist's avatar that is a funny one! So you're trying to say that in order to not be pathetic I need to worship paper snowflakes and penises like you do ?
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LOVE HER MANE! Neat work!
MadPonyScientist's avatar
Thanks! I did too!
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awww. I was gonna say Pretty but LittleNespa beat me to it......

Gorgeous. I hope I spelled that right.
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Wonderful work!:) l nice and neat! Such the wings I can not do...:(
MadPonyScientist's avatar
Thank you. The wings on your OC Blitz look pretty darn good to me and your Derpy Picnic is AWESOME!!!
Ksander-Zen's avatar
Thank you!:) I like that the wings in your work - canonical.
MadPonyScientist's avatar
I do both styles actually. This one was exactly from a drawing. When I am left to my own ideas I will often give them more radiant wings like on my last Fluttershy and my Luna where she is wearing lingerie. It just depends on my mood I think :)
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OMG she looks fantastic MadPony! :wow: I LOVE how you've done her mane and tail! :love: just awesome to the max!!! :D thanks so much for letting me commission you! :glomp:
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You're very welcome and I'm glad you like her :)
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