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Now you can buy my face as a print.

Wicked Witch by r0tterz
I feel old. :B
Today I was wearing my DA hoodie. I may soon have to replace my beautiful bee mousepad because the middle is worn away and you can not longer gaze upon its majestic beauty. (This is not a subtle attempt to be gifted one; I'm getting an ugly gaming mouse pad next.) Love and miss all my friends. Hope you're doing well. <3 


I started a new version of #whores on the IRC network I frequent. Because why the fuck not?

That is all.
To keep me from away from video games, and because DigitalMediaChat is back in operation, I'm returning to activity on DA. So come visit me in #DigitalMedia on dAmn! :D And check out DigitalMediaChat's triumphant return!

I would also like to announce that I'm at work at the moment and still using my Giant Bee mousepad. It makes me miss my gaymos every day. :heart:

A Giant Bee by SakuraMizu
Psssst I made a profile on Behance for my design work. Add me if you're on there! :)
Taken from AnnaCecile's journal!

The first 15 people to answer this journal will receive a feature where I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list below.

If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me in the first spot, then completing the list with 14 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1. This spot reserved for AnnaCecile
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In two weeks or something I'll be having my 5 year deviantART birthday. Holy crap I'm old. :|
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NAOW! I need a rainbow llama if it comes out! I might even start returning them. :lol:

Go to my main page > Give > Give Llama Badge

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I'd like to give a big congrats and FINALLY to my dear friend Chris LazyGunn on being made a senior today! You've deserved it for a while, babe. For those who don't know Chris, he is one of the goofiest people I know, as well as the most passionate and caring. He has one of the biggest hearts on DA, so go give him hugs and love and give him a congrats. :heart:
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Dear God,

I humbly submit that you re-evaluate your stance on the female menstrual cycle. I know Eve fucked up pretty bad, but it's been (according to your prophets) like 5 thousand years since then, which seems like a long time for a "forgiving" God to hold a grudge against an entire sex.

Also, I'm still not sure what bleeding from my vagina once a month has to do with the fall of man.

Please get your shit together. At this point, even if you were real, I wouldn't worship your petty ass.

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Hallo bitches. I've created a group to collect photos I enjoy and am inspired by.

ExquisitePhoto is the group. I also made DigitalResources to collect stock and resources I'd like to remember or use.

If anyone is interested in submitting photos to either group so I have more cool stuff to look at in my devwatch, please give me a hollah'. I'll prolly browse your favorites, and if I like them, you're in. :B That's all.

I also need an icon for the photo group and I'm too lazy to make one. You will receive my undying gratitude if you make one for us.
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UPDATE: I feel the need to link this awesome journal entry by bitchinblack which covers this same topic, among others. She says a lot of what I've been thinking for a long time better than I could.


I'm getting sick of so-called "exclusive" stock. I don't have a problem with asking for donations in general, but restricting stock to those who give stock providers money irritates the hell out of me. ("Exclusive" stock is stock imagery provided only to members who donate to the artist. Donations differ for each artist, but can be anywhere from $5-20 per set.)

Here are my reasons for disliking this growing trend:

I understand that some artists spend money getting their costumes. That's great, but the majority of really great stock doesn't require costumes. In fact, I tend not to use most of the stock with extravagant costumes because it impedes my own vision and creativity. All good stock needs is some creativity, a good model, and decent camera.

If I want to spend money on stock, I will go to a professional source. The majority of stock providers on DA who offer exclusives don't even make that high quality of photos. I realize most don't charge that much, but neither do sites like istock, and the quality of those photos are usually much better.

Yes, some deviants make money from selling prints using stock, but the reality is, most deviants will never sell a print. Even if they sell a couple, the total doesn't amount to how much as they would spend in donations to get the stock. You can easily say "no" to using your stock in prints if you don't want people making a profit from your images.

I understand concerns about theft, but if you're that concerned about people stealing the work you've made with the intention of others using it, you may want to question your reasoning for making stock to begin with. I wouldn't like it either if someone claimed that my work was theirs, but DA is very strict about theft and removes those images quickly if you report them.

Make a separate gallery for exclusive stock. I'm sick of having to sort through stuff I'm never going to pay for. It isn't fair to give free advertising using deviations with no actual content, especially when other stock artists offering free images are bumped off the page.

Where did the spirit of fun, creation, and generosity in making stock go? I don't make art to sell it, I do it to for personal enjoyment and fulfillment. 75% or more of deviants using the stock are probably not planning on making money, so why are so many stock artists?

If you want to make money from your stock, get a nicer camera, learn how to take professional photos, and move to a real stock site. Otherwise, calm down the ego, because your images aren't nice enough quality to pay for.

*Small print: There are exceptions to my rant above. Some artists on this site offer truly exceptional stock, which I'd gladly pay for on a professional stock site. This rant does not apply to them. I have nothing against the stock gallery in itself. I am grateful for the images that are so generously offered by our members. I don't expect perfect, high quality images on DA for free. I expect amateur photographers and models who create images because they enjoy modeling and seeing what artists can make with them.
If I have to see the theme of a girl with part of her body as a bird cage one more time, I am going to puke all over my keyboard.


Come Back To Me by kristiqna:thumb138397620:

Mature Content

cage by Strange-Illusions
Caged by wontbackdown birdcage by Tattoomaus78

Mature Content

Tomorrow by Atra-Virago
. . . . . . . . by CocaineDeLux

Mature Content

Redundant by thetanglebox
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Are they trying to create a stock monopoly? Getty still have Corbis to compete against, but I wonder how or if the stock community will be affected by being owned mainly by two large companies. Thoughts, anyone?
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StockXpert sent out an e-mail to its users Wednesday announcing that beginning Feb 3rd, the site would "no longer sell new credits or accept new members". Furthermore, searching for and downloading images will cease on February 11th, making that the last day images will be sold on the site. StockXpert members will be able to transfer their leftover credits to iStockPhoto, which will be honored 1 for 1 on the new site.

This announcement does not come as a surprise to the stock community. Getty Images purchased JupiterImages, which owned StockXpert, for $96 million in October of 2008. Current members of StockXpert are being forwarded to iStockPhoto, which was also purchased by Getty Images in February of 2006. Users may remember Getty Images purchasing Stock.XCHNG (a free stock site popular with deviantART users) in July of 2009; the site has since begun advertising iStockPhoto's commercial images. With these two purchases, Getty Images' only major competition will now be with the large stock company Corbis Images.

For more info about the move, visit the StockXpert front page, or check this forum post on iStockPhoto.
"Groups are quickly becoming a staple of deviant life. Here's your chance to show some appreciation.

Are you in a group? How about 3 or more? Your task today is to write a journal featuring 3 (or more) of your favourite groups so far using the new groups system deviantART has given us."

Of course #DigitalMediaChat has to be my favorite! This chat has been my baby for a couple of years; I'd say 2/3 my time on DA is spent doing stuff for or involving it. It's where I go to find help when I have questions, inspiration when I have a block, support when I feel like I suck, and interesting discussions about digital culture when I'm bored.

LOLchat is brand new but quickly becoming one of my favorites. Yes I help run this one too, but how can I not love a place where all of my favorite people chill. This is where I go to relax and have a laugh.

This group I mostly lurk in, but it is one of the very few I keep deviations on for in my watch. Every time I check my watch this group has something that I end up clicking and being inspired by.

Extra pimpage for the other groups I'm part of. They're all great, or I wouldn't be part of them! :heart:
I know I've posted this before, but I was going through my old files and stumbled upon this .txt file I had of funny dAmn quotes. Enjoy!

<Sam664> are we allowed to rp in here?
<chix0r> how about we role play that your a n00b
<nichka> but i am a n00b :cries:
<chix0r> and that I kick your ass out the channel for it
<chix0r> oh lemme just get into character
* chix0r coughs
** nichka was kicked by chix0r * oops
** Sam664 was kicked by chix0r * ah there ya go

<pickledeer>topless pickledeer makes bulemic women happy :#1:

<evolvearth>when I'm challeneged, I make sure I go through all the way
<evolvearth>I'm competitive like that
<evolvearth>unless I agree to disagree with someone
<blackice>yes, your method of winning arguments by boring all participants to death seems highly effective

<madnessism>:lmao: there are a few people in england desiring my services
<madnessism>too bad i'm in bush country :(
<alvenom>well come over here
<alvenom>then i'll be in bush country

** privilege class TruthfulClown has been renamed to Punjabi by WallOfTruth
<Josh>you realize that punjabi is a euphamism for vagina right?
<madnessism>EDDIE = VAGINA
** privilege class Punjabi has been renamed to ofmghdfg by WallOfTruth
** privilege class ofmghdfg has been renamed to Vagina by madnessism
** privilege class ModClowns has been updated by WallOfTruth with: -admin
** privilege class Vagina has been renamed to Penis-Mmm by WallOfTruth
** privilege class Penis-Mmm has been renamed to Clitorisaurus by Josh
<WallOfTruth>YOU CUNTS
** privilege class GayPirateClown has been updated by WallOfTruth with: -admin

"He's gonna put his man rod in you and spin it like a blender." -ninjabrick

"We're so Mexican we should have a bean on our flag."
"Heaven is only nine inches away." -cloude

<madnessism>!trviamgr start
** Thumbbot has left [connection closed]
<Josh>!madnessism start
<Josh>!madnessism knees
<Josh>!madnessism :censored:

** ninjabrick has left [killed: die! you go blind!]
** ninjabrick has joined
** lolly has left [killed: I know where you sleep]
** lolly has joined
** lolly has left [killed: zomg failplz die! :stab:]
** lolly has joined
** WallOfTruth has left [killed: kill me plz :flirty:]
** WallOfTruth has joined
*** You have left #lol *[killed]
*** You have been disconnected *[killed]
*** You have joined #lol *
*** You have left #lol *[killed: triple orgasm]
*** You have been disconnected *[killed: triple orgasm]

<serge>ill tell him for you
<serge>i have mindmessenger0.1

** shinyplasticbag was kicked by madnessism * no a/s/l plz
<spinegrinder>madnessism: wuz yuor fone number??
<madnessism>spinegrinder: 1-900-fuck
<spinegrinder>madnessism: oh man it was you who called me last night
<madnessism>spinegrinder: damn, i thought your mom was gonna pick up :hmm:
<spinegrinder>madnessism: :(

:megaphone: [#19209] Phagophobia is a fear of ______
[Category: General Trivia | Hits: 13 | Misses: 1]
:bulletblue: You have 45 seconds to answer.
<Thumbbot>:lightbulb: You got the answer, SAFFLEUR! [swallowing]

<serge>my capslock is bigger than yours
<madnessism>my penis is bigger than yours

<ninjabrick>I still luff you? :heart:
* eStunt watches ninjabrick try to flirt. :flirty:
** eStunt was kicked by ninjabrick * *watches Matt succeed in getting kicked!*
** eStunt has joined
** ninjabrick has been made a member of Banned by eStunt *
<eStunt>:wave: ninjabrick

<tgness>i typoed PWNED.
<tgness>i lose at life

** KYLEBRUSHART has joined
<tgness>every time i see your screenname, KYLEBRUSHART, i scream it in my head as i read it.
<tgness>like, i want to tell the voice narrating my life to tone down the yelling