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Art for Bioware fan contest and first work with action and scene with more than two characters for me. ._.
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OMG THIS IS MY EXACT PARTY MEMBERS!! Dorian, Varric and Cassandra! <3
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Yeees, they're great together! :3
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Why have I found this only now?
This is AMAZING! I love the whole composition and how it's leading the eye to the dragon. Cassie's expression and body language is splendid and I like what you did with Varric and Dorian. And the axe-wielding Inquisitor - I have no words for telling you how awesome he(she?) is.
And the colours are perfect - not too many but excellent for setting up the right atmosphere. :love:

If you don't mind, I'll take this as my Desktop's wallpaper now. :happybounce:
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Of course, he is! XD Aww, thank you for such bug comment and kind words! *o* I love Thedas world, if I'll find any time for it, I really want to draw some scenes from it.
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Absolutely fantastic!
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Inquisitor: I AM AWESOME!!!
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Your welcome!! :D
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That is INSANELY gorgeous!!!!! :d
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Woah, thanks! :33
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I would be the one with the axe thinking 'I wonder what dragon tastes like?' not caring that it is spitting fire at me XD
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Ahah, I think dragon don't like axes (and even taste of it!) XD
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Indeed! No time to find out if dragon meat tastes like chicken! Wahahahaha! XD
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AMAZING! I love how you've done it at a almost first person angle. XD Don't yell at me Cassandra!
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