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Prelude: GOW4!Kratos vs. DmC!Dante

In many worlds and cultures, bloodlines define one's path by the acts of their ancestors and forefathers before them. They can signify that one may do great things, lead to a path of misfortune to themselves and others...or both.
In this battle, we will be taking a look at two men, whose franchises have held a rivalry for years, but in two different incarnations: one a man hardened by his acts in his youth, and another a reflection of another but still battling the same foes and trials as his predecessor. More than that, both of these men are gifted-as they are equally cursed-by the bloodlines they bear.
One side, Kratos: the former Ghost of Sparta.
The other: Dante, the son of Sparda from another world.
I'm Madness Abe, and I'm here to  analyze each fighter's weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

AKA: The Ghost of Sparta, Son of Zeus, F
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 19 7
Baldur cannot feel anything in Death Battle!

AKA: The Stranger, God of Light, Son of Odin
Age: Unknown; Estimated several thousand years old
Height: Estimated 5"6" (is at least a foot shorter than Kratos)
Weight: Unknown
Species: Aesir (Norse God)
Lived for an untold amount of time with his curse of invulnerability, rendering him immortal to any form of damage
Managed to track down the home of Kratos and Atreus not long after the protection spell of the Wildwoods fell
Battle against Kratos to a very near stand still and pushing him to his limit, only "losing" after Kratos temporarily incapacitated him 
-By snapping his neck no less...and this didn't kill him
Surprised attacked Kratos and Atreus again, managing to overwhelm both and nearly unleash the Aesir on Midgard
Managed to find a way out of Helheim, surviving its immense cold for a long time
Hurt the World Serpent enough to spit out Kratos and Atreus, and briefly knock it out
-Keep in mind that the World Serpent's length
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 38 9
Deadliest Warrior: Wokou vs. Haida Prelude
The Wokou: Pirates of the 15th century that ravaged the coasts of Japan and China, raiding the coastlines and dealing major blows to the Ming Dynasty!

(A Wokou pirate crew fires arquebus balls and arrows onto a crew of merchants on their ship)
The Haida: Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest, whose famous quick raids and capture of others into slavery led them to be known as the Vikings of the Pacific Northwest!
(A Haida raider delivers a war cry as he stabs a rival tribesman with his war dagger)
Today, I will be analyzing each of these warriors weapons, armor, and tactics and find out who is...

Wokou Pirate
Height: 5'6"
Time: 1555 
Bio: During the 13th to 15th centuries, the coastlines of China and Korea were ravaged by pirates, smugglers, and raiders from Japan (though Chinese pirates also made up some wokou crews
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 12 12
Deadliest Warrior: Aztec vs Maori Battle
Yucatan Rainforest
The morning sun shined brightly as it began to rise over the mountains in the distance. As the jungle's birds and monkeys began to chitter and make their move around the area, the shadows of five men began to approach and appear within the jungle. Finally, they were revealed as five of the elite Jaguar Knights, the warriors of the mighty Aztec Empire. 
The five men were continuing their servitude of the Flower War, searching for more potential sacrifices for the gods, but at the same time, they were also investigating reports of mysterious men who had been sighted by villagers: men with dark lines across their faces, dressed in clothing made out of grass, and wielding weapons of stone and wood. It sounded too ridiculous to be true, but should these men actually be real, then they would also be sacrificed...
All of a sudden the Jaguars stopped in their tracks when they heard mysterious chanting...
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 22 8
Deadliest Warrior: Aztec vs Maori Prelude
The Aztec Jaguar, swift moving slayer of the ancient Mexican empire!

The Māori Warrior, fierce, unforgiving slayer of the South Seas!
Today, in this first battle, I will be analyzing each of these warriors weapons, armor, and tactics and find out who is...

Aztec Jaguar
Height: 5'6" 
Weight: 140 lbs 
Year: 1500
Bio: Making a huge backbone of the army of the once mighty Aztec Empire, the Jaguar Knights, and their counterparts the Eagle Knights, served as the bravest and most elite soldiers. Unlike other of the castes, the Jaguars and Eagles did not restrict themselves to exclusively those of noble birth, allowing in all classes to serve, and those that served know a life of constant battle and hunting down sacrifices to the gods. Taught at youth to be a warrior and a man in the Aztec culture, the Jaguars were fear
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 14 16
Tyrian Callows Stings Death Battle!

Tyrian Callows 
Age: Unknown; Estimated to be in his 30s
Height: Unknown; roughtly close to the same height as Qrow Branwen 
Weight: Unknown
Affiliation: Salem's Faction
Race: Scorpion Faunus
(closest I could get)

Within short time, hunted down and reached Team RNJR in Anima
Easily defeated all of Team RNJR at once 
-Amidst the battle, he managed to casually block a strike of Nora's Semblanced enhanced strength and even broke through Ruby's Aura
Battled against Qrow Branwen on even ground
-Managed to hold off against battling Ruby when she tagged into the fight
Managed to poison Qrow with his venom
In a fit of madness, massacred an entire Beowulf

-Can leap over tall buildings in a single bound
-Can easily knock aside g
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 29 14
Rider of Black charges into Death Battle!

Rider of Black
Real Name: Astolfo
AKA: The 12th Paladin of Charlemagne 
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 123 lbs
Country of Origin: Britain, England
Classification: Heroic Spirit
Servant Class: Rider
Affiliation: Black Faction 
Master: Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillenia (Fate/Apocrypha), Protagonist (Fate/Grand Order) 

Servant Class Base Stats
Strength: D
Mana: C
Endurance: D
Luck: A+
Agility: B
N. Phantasm: C

Rider Class Skills
Magic Resistance
-Rank: A (Technically D) 
-Grants protection against magical effects. 
-D Rank: Cancels Single-Action spells. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.
-A Rank: Cancel spells of A-Rank or below. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a "Magus Killer".
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 23 3
Carol Danvers Makes Death Battle Marvelous!

Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel 
Real Name: Carol Susan Jane Danvers
Other Aliases: Warbird, Binary
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs 
Occupation: Superhero/Adventurer, Commander of the Alpha Flight Space Program, Formerly U.S. Air Force Captain, NASA Head of Security, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 
Prior to gaining her powers, worked as a Special Operations agent for the U.S. Air Force, participating in several covert missions across the globe
-Among these missions, worked alongside Wolverine and The Thing and battled the likes of Sabretooth and Black Widow 
-During another mission, underwent several hours of electric torture without breaking and manipulated her torturer into unintentionally freeing her, allowing her to kill him with her bare hands, gain the intel she was sent to find, and escape 
Survived being knocked into a Kree weapon that altered her DNA, making her half
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 65 18
Needles Kane Sets Death Battle Ablaze!

Marcus "Needles" Kane
AKA: Needles Kane, Sweet Tooth 
Age: 42
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs
Occupation: Serial Killer, Formerly Ice Cream Vendor 
Body Count: 1,000+ 
Has killed an untold amount of innocent people in gruesome, horrific manners
-Among notable figures he's killed are the original driver of Spectre and the wife of Twisted Metal competitor, Axel 
Won the Twisted Metal Tournament several times
-In the process, killed numerous innocents and rival racers, and caused untold amounts in property damage 
In Twisted Metal 1, successfully got his wish granted to save his best friend...Crazy Harold, the Wacky Lunch Sack
-Even Calypso was just as baffled
In Twisted Metal 2, successfully got his wish to  become a monstrous insect in a garden in the countryside, happily killing and tormenting the other insects for the rest of his life
In Twisted Metal 3, successfully got his wish to eat all the candy and ice crea
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 53 13
Shas O'Kais brings the Greater Good to DB!

Shas O'Kais 

AKA: The Fire Commander
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'4" (without suit), 6'10" (with suit)
Weight: 400 lbs (without suit), 2,000 lbs/1 ton (with suit)
Species: Tau
Implied to be the main protagonist of the Fire Warrior video game, a once mere Fire Warrior who managed to accomplish the following:
-Infiltrate a prison-fortress to rescue a captured Ethereal
-Fought through hordes of Imperial and Chaos forces, killing and defeating over a dozen Space Marines, Imperial and Chaos, in the process
-Incapacitated an entire Imperial warship, whose crew reached to tens of thousands 
-Fought his way into an Imperial Titan, a building sized fortress/mecha, that was filled to the brim with Daemons and Chaos forces, set up explosives into it, and blew it up 
-Shot down an Imperial Valkyrie 
-Was briefly influenced and posse
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 18 5
Prelude: ARIA vs. Tri-Borg

Mankind has always had a fascination with machines: whether to use them to construct or destroy, their usage of them would evolve from using them as mere tools, to advancing them further and further until they can become more than just what they were and be living; be human.
Insanus: Of course, you know how that always ends up in the movies.
Abe: ARIA, the enigmatic leader of UltraTech determined to bring about change for mankind!
Insanus: And Tri-Borg, the ultimate Lin Kuei cyborg with the minds of its greatest fighters in one body! I'm Insanus Abe and he's my brother, Madness Abe, and togeth-
???: Sal-u-tations!
Insanus: What the fuck?! Who said that?!
???: Oh, wow. Mr. Madness, your brother has quite the vocabulary.
Abe: It's alright, Penny. That's how he always talks.
Insanus: Wait, did you say...?
Penny: Hello, my name is Penny! It's a pleasure to meet you!
Insanus: Bro, how'd you get her on the show? Isn't she...kinda scrap metal?&
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 21 10
Prelude: Team RWBY vs. Ninja Turtles, Part One

Abe: In battle, a warrior must learn to use all their skills and assets at their disposal to win; every weapon, skill, and experience they've attained must be used correctly to achieve victory. However, at times, a warrior is not alone. Sometimes, against great foes, a single man is not enough to win. What one needs is a team of valiant warriors, for strength in numbers is greater than the strength of one.
Insanus: And for this battle, we'll be pulling all stops and bringing in two of the best four-man and woman teams for our first team battle!
Abe: Team RWBY: the brightest students of Beacon Academy, dedicated to protecting the land of Vale from the monstrous Grimm!
Insanus: And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: four brothers dedicated to the arts of ninjitsu to protect New York from the grip of the Shredder!
Abe: For the purposes of this fight, we will be utilizing the 2003 incarnations of the Ninja Turtles, as they are the closest in power
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 42 12
Death Battle: Sub-Zero vs. Cinder

Madness Abe: Alright, the votes are in and the combatants are set. Let's end this battle once and for all.
UltraTech Facility
The Fulgore Unit fell on the ground, its chasis now filled with massive dents and a hole at the center of its body, sparks flying from it. The red eyes of the machine eventually slowly faded away as it shut down, leaving behind only its mangled form. Surrounding this particular unit were several more Fulgores, each destroyed and torn apart in varying manners: some were decapitated, others were simply beaten into. 
In the center with all the demolished robots surrounding was a tall man dressed in what appeared to be a fusion of Oriental-looking armor and winter clothing. Shoulder pauldrons with the heads of dragons decorated his shoulders with a similar-looking belt at his waist, a helmet with a trident-like design w
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 62 12
Prelude: Sub-Zero vs. Cinder

Abe: Fire and Ice: a rivarly spawning since the dawn of time, and has lived in for millennia. The raging flames and bitter cold have clashed time and time again, with no true winner, and amidst that struggle, men have been able to acquire and control that very power. Today, we will have a duel between two men who have mastered these elements.
Insanus: Sub-Zero, Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei! 
Abe: And Cinder, UltraTech's fiery agent of death! I'm Madness Abe, he's my brother Insanus Abe,together we're here to analyze each fighter's weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win a Death Battle!
Kuai Liang
Alias: Tundra, Sub-Zero, Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, LK-520
Age: 32, Over 50 in Mortal Kombat X
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm, China
Species: Cyromancer, Cyborg (formerly), Revenant (formerly)
Escaped from his own clan and avoided becoming a cyborg ninja
Managed to convin
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 23 6
Death Battle: Lancer vs. Grimmjow, Part Two

Upon saying those two words, Grimmjow was suddenly covered by a bright barrier of reiatsu, whose presence alone created powerful shockwaves across the city. Wild, untamed winds blasted everywhere, sending rocks, sticks, and debris scattering everywhere at the speed of bullets, while the shockwaves produced caused windows to crack into a flurry of shards and nearby cars shook so violently that their alarms began to sound.
Lancer himself covered his eyes from the winds blasting into them, whilst struggling to maintain his ground against the gales. Not even his acute eyesight was capable of seeing through the energy covering the Arrancar, much less the dust that was scattered around by the winds, so Lancer was left in the dark as to what he was doing. Whether it was some kind of new power or not, he had a sinking feeling that it was not going to go pleasantly for him after this...
Suddenly, the winds began to slowly die down, clearing up the d
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 34 11
Death Battle: Lancer vs. Grimmjow, Part One

Madness Abe: Alright, the votes are in and the combatants are set. Let's end this battle once and for all.

Fuyuki City...

Darkness blanketed the night skies over the city of Fuyuki. Bright lights shined from the skyscrapers and the sounds of traffic allowed the city to stand amidst the darkness, illuminating the night sky and the sounds echoing for miles on end. At the moment, the city was at peace for once and it was a well deserved peace. After having a war of mages and magically summoned and superpowered historical beings rage throughout the city not once, but twice, and the many events that followed those incidents, it was indeed, a well deserved peace.
But even then, some were not truly at peace. In a park far off from the main city, footsteps echoed across the pavement. From out the shadows, emerged a tall, slender blue haired man with red eyes,
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 31 2


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You showed us not only the joys and adventures of a sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea, but also the importance of the ocean and its inhabitants, and the strength of fun and imagination.

Thank you for everything.

RIP Stephen Hillenberg. 
122 deviations

An animated short I found recently from an up and coming animator. Admittedly, it's a little rough around the edges and could use some more work, but I'm liking the designs and the characters. Recommend to see ^^ 
Kratos vs Dante by MadnessAbe

In many worlds and cultures, bloodlines define one's path by the acts of their ancestors and forefathers before them. They can signify that one may do great things, lead to a path of misfortune to themselves and others...or both.

In this battle, we will be taking a look at two men, whose franchises have held a rivalry for years, but in two different incarnations: one a man hardened by his acts in his youth, and another a reflection of another but still battling the same foes and trials as his predecessor. More than that, both of these men are gifted-as they are equally cursed-by the bloodlines they bear.

One side, Kratos: the former Ghost of Sparta.

The other: Dante, the son of Sparda from another world.

I'm Madness Abe, and I'm here to  analyze each fighter's weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.
Kratos-4759x2678-god-of-war-ps4-2017-games-4k-1282 by MadnessAbe
AKA: The Ghost of Sparta, Son of Zeus, Fárbauti
Age: Ranges from other 150 to 600+ 
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 240 lbs
Race: Greek Demigod

Killed the Gods and Titans of Greece, bringing out an apocalypse of such infamy that even the Nordic Gods knew of it
Survived impaling himself with the Blade of Olympus, freeing the power of Hope to the rest of the world
Defeated and killed several elemental Ancients and giant trolls
Made his way out of the difficult to navigate Volunder and Landsuther Mines
Killed the lightning-breathing dragon Hraezlyr
Killed Svartaljofurr, king of the Dark Elves, and several of his forces
Battled Magni and Modi, the sons of Odin, at once and managed to kill Magni
Killed Mattugr Helson, the guardian of the gates to Helheim
Survived being in Helheim twice, each time battling through traumatic illusions of his past 
Defeated Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost, the twin guardians of Tyr's Temple
Retrieved the Hammer of Andvari
Freed the Valkyries from their cursed forms
Freed several chained dragons to freedom
Ventured into the stomach of the World Serpent to retrieve Mimir's lost eye
Battled the god Baldur several times, finally managing to kill him after he lost his immortality
Traveled to Jotunheim with his son Atreus, making their way to the highest peak to spread the ashes of his deceased wife there 

Untitled1dzputh by MadnessAbe
-Can outmuscle undead and giant trolls and ogres, even at his advanced age
-Can lift, throw, or outright smash tree trunks and solid stone with ease
-Matched strength with Baldur, which caused the earth beneath them to form fissures and even cause a landslide
-Pushed the building sized hammer of a giant off of a mountain, recovering rather quickly afterwards
-Flipped Tyr's temple with his bare hands, recovering quickly afterwards
-Stronger than Baldur, who is strong enough to hurt and knock out the continent spreading World Serpent
-Surprisingly fast for his size and even age
-Able to react to Baldur, who utilizes light to increase his speed
-Can dodge lightning bolts fired by Magni and Modi
-Can keep up with the rapidly moving dark elves 
-Despite his age, can still climb and jump across gaps and spaces in mountainsides with ease
-Can suffer major beatings from trolls, ogres, and elemental beings yet recover quickly
-Has fallen off cliffs and great heights on multiple occasions, yet is unhurt
-Shrugs off impalement every so often 
-Endured the sheer cold of Helheim, which is said to be so cold that not even Odin could survive in it for very long
-Withstood the punches of Baldur, who is strong enough to hurt and knock out the World Serpent
-Fights without resting for very long and across long distances 
-An aspect of his demigod biology
-Regenerated from impaling himself with the Blade of Olympus and only bears a scar on his stomach
-Even after nearly being beaten to death by Baldur, quickly regenerated his wounds within seconds and continued to fight 

God-of-war-kratos-leviathan-axe by MadnessAbe
-Magical two handed axe created by the dwarf brothers Sindri and Brok
-Designed to oppose the power of its counterpart, Mjolnir
-Can be thrown for long distances and be recalled back to the hand of its wielder at will
-Channels the usage of frost magic, unleashing in shockwaves of cold, explosions of frost magic, ice shards, and beams of ice
-The axe blade contains runes used for magical attacks and store two at a time (one for heavy attacks, one for light attacks)

Images by MadnessAbe
Guardian Shield
-Retractable shield held within the gauntlet on Kratos' right hand
-Given to Kratos by his late wife as a gift of their first anniversary 
-Used to parry and block attacks, as well as reflect some and used offensively to bash against enemies
-Strong enough to reflect even falling debris like giant pillars and powerful enemy attacks

yt-436-God-of-War-4-Kratos-Equips-Blades-of-Chaos- by MadnessAbe
Blades of Chaos
-Dual chain-blades wielded by Kratos and given to him years ago by the original God of War, Ares
-Chains are permanently seared into Kratos', allowing them to extend for long distances 
*No longer seared into Kratos as of the 2018 game, but can still extend for long distances
-Forged in the Underworld and imbued with fire, allowing them to ignite with every strike
-Can be used in close to long rage, and its extensions allow it to grapple onto his environment or forcibly drag opponents to him
-Due to its foreign magic, it is the only one of Kratos' weapons that can be used within Helheim, where all other magic in the Nine Realms in cancelled out
-Channels the usage of Underworld fire magic, dealing burns with every strike as well as tears in the earth that unleash pillars of flame, unleash a rain of fire, or plant bombs of fire within opponents that detonate in wide ranges
-Much like the Leviathan Axe, can store two ruins for magical attacks (one for light attacks, one for heavy attacks)

-Support items that Kratos can equip to his armor or weapons
*Aegir's Protection: Creates a small zone that prevents Kratos' attacks from being interrupted, reduces the damage he takes, and restores bits of his health
*Charm of Infinite Storms: Conjures a storm around Kratos that increases his damage resistance, prevents his attacks from being interrupted, and deals frost damage to nearby enemies
*Talisman of Cursed Power: Unleashes a cloud of cursed mist that lowers the stats of all enemies in the vicinity
*Talisman of the Realms: Summons a Realm Shift, slowing down the movement of all enemies nearby 

4aed1cfc2e4189416fdd6084ed2184789db8cbec Hq by MadnessAbe
Spartan Rage
-A special state where Kratos increases his power
-By tapping into his innermost rage, Kratos increases his strength, speed, durability and even heals his wounds
-Causes Kratos' veins and muscles to swell, his eyes to glow yellow, and his fists to be set on fire
-Cannot use any of his weapons, but instead his fists to punch enemies to send them flying, create shockwaves by stomping, or hurl boulders that explode on impact
-Is charged up by dealing barehanded attacks or by being dealt damage to 

GodOfWar by MadnessAbe
Age has greatly limited his previous capabilities and is not as strong as he was in the original trilogy
Heavily close combat oriented with his only ranged options being throwing or extending his weapons
Healing factor has limits and can still be very much killed
Spartan Rage leaves him without weapons and only lasts for a brief time
Restrains himself much more than before 
Runic Attack requires cooldowns between uses

(Athena: There's nowhere you can hide, Spartan. Put as much distance between you and the truth as you want, it changes nothing. Pretend to be everything you are not: teacher, husband, father. But there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape: You cannot change. You will always be a monster.

Kratos: I know...but I am your monster no longer.)

Dante dmc 2010 by MadnessAbe
AKA: The Son of Sparda, The Demon Slayer
Age: Mid 20s 
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Unknown
Race: Nephilim 

Survived several years being hunted by demons and managed to fight off and kill every one
-In one instance, survived torture at their hands 
Defeated and killed the Hunter demon with the aid of Kat
Defeated and killed the gigantic Succubus 
-In doing so, destroyed the production of the mind controlling drink Virility 
Defeated and killed the demon Bob Barbas
-In doing so, ended his propaganda campaign across Limbo City that kept humans under their control
Survived the difficult death trap/puzzle of Lillith's "The Devil's Got Talent" game
Defeated Lillith and her gigantic spawn of Mundus'
Alongside Vergil, fought and defeated Mundus, even after he absorbed the power of the Hell's Gate to become a giant
-Tanked being smashed through a building during their battle and even managed to punch Mundus enough to make him stumble
Battled Vergil and despite his lack of skill in comparison, defeated him 

IllustriousRedBluebottle-size restricted by MadnessAbe
-In his youth, an entire battalion of police officers were needed to restrain him
-Can easily fight and manhandle demons, some of which are much taller than he is
-Punched the giant sized Succubus with enough force to send her flying
-Able to make a skyscraper sized demon stumble back from his attacks
-Can bench press demons over 20 tons 
-Able to easily lift debris, vehicles, and even structural support with ease
-Can dodge and avoid explosions, down to the last second
-Managed to pull Vergil away from an explosion despite being very close to it
-Using Angel Boost, can create sonic booms in his wake that can shatter windows
-Can match with and even outpace demons who can deflect bullets with their swords
-Keeps up with Vergil, who can move faster than the lightning striking around their battle
-Can survive being impaled multiple times
*Should be on par with Vergil, who did the same with his spinal cord being impaled as well
-Easily tanks multiple bullets without slowing down, down to even assault rifle rounds 
-In his youth, survived tortures from demons and even tore his own chest open to see if he had a heart
-Tanks attacks from giant demons, including that of Mundus
*At the time of their battle, Mundus' power was enhanced by Hell's Gate and came close to ripping Dante's chest open
-Can fight for days without rest 
-An aspect of his Nephilim biology
-Can regenerate from minor to major wounds within seconds
-Survived impalement and bullet wounds and even regenerated from a torn chest within seconds

Rebellion DmC Render Vertical by MadnessAbe
-Demonic longsword given to Dante as a memento from his father
-Requires great skill to use and master, as noted by Vergil
-Used for rapid slashes and stabs
-All around solid in every range
-Has the ability to shapeshift into multiple weapons, or be imbued with Dante's demonic energy to fire off shockwaves

Ophion DmC by MadnessAbe
-One of Rebellion's alternate forms
-Extending grappling hook/whip-like weapon
-Has two "modes" of extension
*Angel Mode: Pulls Dante towards a target
*Demon Mode: Pulls enemies towards Dante
-Used for both combat and exploration 
-Can be utilizes to disarm enemies and make them stumble
-Has enough power to pull around cars and even tear off pieces of Mundus

Arbiter DmC by MadnessAbe

-One of Rebellion's alternate forms
-Giant oversized, demonic battleaxe
-Moves slowly due to its weight, but deals great amounts of damage
-Can hit with enough force to create fissures on the ground

Osiris DmC by MadnessAbe
-One of Rebellion's alternate forms
-Long, thin angelic scythe
-Weaker than Rebellion, but moves much faster and quicker
-Excellent for crowd control
-Can be swung fast enough to make mini-cyclones 

Aquila DmC by MadnessAbe
-One of Rebellion's alternate forms
-Set of angelic shuriken throwing blades
-Much faster than Osiris, but deals less damage 
-Can be thrown at enemies, and even home in on them
-Can create a giant blade by charging Dante's angelic energies
-Somehow can create a near unlimited amount

1120334 1348257126899 Full by MadnessAbe
-One of Rebellion's alternate forms
-Dual pair of demonic gauntlets
-Moves slower than Rebellion, but faster than Arbiter
-Strong enough to destroy bridges, create shockwaves, send weaker demons flying, and stumble and stun much larger ones
-Can even summon forth spectral fiery fists alongside Dante when charged

Download by MadnessAbe
Ebony and Ivory
-Dante's trademark dual pistols 
-While not packing much power, can be fired at incredibly fast rates
-Used to juggle and fire on multiple enemies at once or at a time, and can even slow down his falls
-Never need to be reloaded
-Can perform trick shots with them

Weapons CA 04 DmC by MadnessAbe
-Sawed off hunting shotgun
-Lacks fast firing speed, but makes up for it with great power, especially at close range
-Excellent for crowd control due to its range of fire
-Can charge and fire an explosive bomb of demonic energy

Kablooey DmC by MadnessAbe
-Explosive-firing pistol
-Fires explosive charges that stick onto whatever they land on
-Homes in onto targets when aimed properly
-Explosives are remote detonated

JLsV by MadnessAbe
Devil Trigger 
-A special mode where Dante taps into his demonic energies to increase his power 
-Causes his hair to turn white and his eyes red, as well as developing a red aura on his body and leaving fiery footprints in his wake
-Increases Dante's strength, speed, and durability as well as heals his wounds 
-Shifts the world around him by slowing time and even causes enemies to float helplessly 
-Is built up by dealing damage to enemies

2482784-dantepunch by MadnessAbe
Cocky and overconfident, and can sometimes rush into things without thinking
Devil Trigger needs to be built up by attacking enemies and cannot last forever
Healing factor has its limits and can be very much killed
Much more close combat oriented than his predecessor 
Widely despised by the Devil May Cry fandom

(Mundus: I AM MUNDUS.

Prelude: GOW4!Kratos vs. DmC!Dante
I'm back.

Special thanks to :iconshadowfrost1: for letting my use his Dante bio! 

Any votes or reasoning on who you think will win?

Kratos is owned by Sony, Santa Monica Studios, David Jaffe, and Cory Barlog
Dante is owned by Capcom and Ninja Theory


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