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Yonna Winamp Player v1.1

By MadMilov2
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Simple skin for Rainmeter that shows the current song.
For Winamp.



Which Players are supported?

AIMP: PlayerName=AIMP

foobar2000: PlayerName=foobar2000

iTunes: PlayerName=iTunes

J. River Media Center: PlayerName=CAD

J. River Media Jukebox: PlayerName=CAD Client: PlayerName=WLM

MediaMonkey: PlayerName=MediaMonkey

Media Player Classic: PlayerName=WLM

MusicBee: PlayerName=CAD

OpenPandora: PlayerName=WLM

Spotify: PlayerName=Spotify

TTPlayer: PlayerName=WLM

Winamp: PlayerName=Winamp

VLC: PlayerName=CAD

WMP: PlayerName=WMP

Zune: PlayerName=WLM

How I can change the player?

Right-click on the skin and select 'Edit Skin'
Under [Variables], change the Player= value
Save the file, then right-click there and select 'Refresh Skin'"



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Yeee, thank you for this perfect player!
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TheHuntress-LadyEmmaHobbyist General Artist
So... If you would be able to help me one of these days, I'm having a similar issue to many others with the player not recognizing VLC. Rainmeter officially says under the NowPlaying.dll info that VLC isn't even supported, so I'm wondering if I can get this to work at all. Here's what I got:

Thank you ahead of time for resolving my issue!
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What do I put for player path? I have spotify in the playername value but it still doesn't pick up the song.
Heres a print screen to give you a better look at my problem:
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Hi I'm try to link this to iTunes but I can't seem to find the [Variables] section. I changed the PlayerName=iTunes but that didn't seem to do anything. Can someone help me? Here's what I have:…
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For what I have seen, it looks great, but I can't add VLC as the player... What am I doing wrong?
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Great skin. Very simple, very minimalistic, but this is his beauty. Thank You very much, and the font is just cosmic:) Works perfectly!!!
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I love this skin. Could you help me with a small problem though? I'm trying to switch it from left-aligned to right-aligned and have no clue how to edit the code for that :/ usually I'm decent at customizing the code to my liking but I just can't figure this one out. Thanks!
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Any plans for a newer verion? I love this Skin and i think it's the best out there, but i have a few problems with it.

Just want to leave a feed back.

* Back, Next, Play are too small and it's hard to click on.
* The Play icon doesnt change to Pause button and vice versa when you click it.
* Doesn't support long titled songs
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TidewarpHobbyist Digital Artist
Very awesome music player, but I would like it if the area you could pause / play, skip etc was bigger. It is very hard to click sometimes, thanks!
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How do I set it up to have it on the right side of my screen rather than the left side?
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MadMilov2Hobbyist General Artist
can you express yourself more precisely?
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Sorry. Right now, I have it on the left side of my screen because of the way the text sticks out. I can't move it all the way to the right with the control buttons against the side because it needs space for the text. I get stopped if I try to move it all the way. I was wondering if there was a way to have the text stick out on the left, so that I can have it lined up on the right side of my screen. Sort of like right alignment versus left alignment in MS Word. Does that make sense?
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MadMilov2Hobbyist General Artist
Try it and tell me if its okay for you :)
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It works in terms of alignment, the only problem is that I still can't put it all the way to the right of my screen.
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great work.. but i dont know why i cant use any winamp rainmeter skin... am using rainmeter from last 1year and i cant use this.. or any... try everyting plugin and all..
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MadMilov2Hobbyist General Artist
do u have the newest version of winamp AND rainmeter?
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Yes Sure why not... can you guide me ?

don't worry am not nobs just need some guide... because i never use this that why... actually i want skin like this for rainmeter.. so thati can play songs from desktop without opening winamp.. hope so...
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MadMilov2Hobbyist General Artist
1. Download Rainmeter 2.2 from [link] and install it
2. Download Winamp 5,6 from [link] and install it
3. Download and install this skin.
4. And that´s it.
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done that... but it require winamp open... i want something like it no need winamp player open.. just play from that skin...
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MadMilov2Hobbyist General Artist
Winamp > Options > Settings
Show Winamp in
[ ] Taskbar
[x] System Tray
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I loooove this one :heart:!
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Any left version? please.
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BTW. solved it :)
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Awww, i'd love this for iTunes. it's very nice and clean/simple!
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