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La Compagnie des Ombres - Music 1.2

Many thanks to MarcoPixel!

Should work with all of the following media players: AIMP, CAD, iTunes,, Media Monkey, Spotify, Winamp, WMP.

Update 1.2
  • fixed some bugs


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the cover art for ur app doesnt work someone in comments has a very complicated tutorial to try to help but i cant figure it out

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umm is this things can work for youtube?

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being a minimalistic dude in terms of desktops, your skin made it look nice, simple and not triggering on my ocd anymore ehehe!

thank you!

Full Desktop

Follow jackgtfc15's comments below to get the album artwork working, and then change the [MeasureProgress] with this as well:






This will let your progress bar work!

What should I do with the WebNowPlaying-x64.dll file?

A function to hide this when Spotify is Off ? (I mean, not launch, or listen a song) :heart:

Hi managed to get the album cover to this working using WebNowPlaying and spicetify-cli.

Install WebNowPlaying here using by downloading .rmskin

Follow these instructions to install spicetify-cli

Edit La Compagnie des Ombres - Music 1.2.ini

Replace [MeasureCover] with this







UpdateDivider = 5

Refresh skin

Hope this helps anyone

I need help. I don't know how to follow the instructions to install spicetify-cli at github. Thanks

Thanks worked instantly for me :D

can't get this to work, downloaded webnowplaying and spicetify and replaced the measurecover but nothing has changed when refreshed

not sure if anything is wrong here but please let me know if anything here is wrong


Hi Mate,

You need to replace "you" with the correct directory for your install. For example, mine had to be changed to




ah sorry just done it and still same issue

hi. maybe it will help you

try to change the path with this C:\Users\you\Documents\Rainmeter\WebNowPlaying\cover.png

remember to change "you" with the same directory as u have.

it will work since i see the path is different with the correct directory.

I'm stuck then sorry mate. I would suggest adding the webnowplaying example skin and seeing if that works.

could you tell me how to do that? i have no idea how to haha

It's perfect but I can't manage to visualize the album cover with Spotify... Any suggestion?

does not put the image of the song, how do I solve?

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Very nice... TERRIBLE, au top

Working Spotify! Windows 10 x64 bit + Spotify Desktop. Gracias!

Great skin! anybody find a fix for progress bar and album cover? those are the only 2 things not working for me when using spotify

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Album cover ain't showing. any solution? The comment Below is not working.

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How can i move to direct edge? I mean this player can't stick to the right floor. How can I fix it? plz help me. And thank you for making this awesome player. 
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