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La Compagnie des Ombres

By MadMilov2
One of my new skins in 2014! I hope you like it. +fav

Available in English & German.

Inspired by many other themes.

Special thanks to: Mirix10

Update 1.1:

Please report any bugs you find!

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Please i need the french translate for date time and another else . please

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HI ... please i need the translate french

please !!!


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So pretty, thank you! :clap:


Me gusta mucho,pero todavia no lo he intalado!....espero siga mi gusto.

It's not downloading

Was the exact thing I was looking for

Its just fantastic

how to translate

Edit the german version and replace each german word :)

it wont go directly at the bottom right part. there is like a barrier

Is there any easy way to change the scale/size? I've tried editing the font size but it misalligns everything.


so i was trying to have this replace my date and time in my task bar.. now It is stuck hiding behind my taskbar, but I can see it.. how do i delete it off my desktop completely? i deleted the download I made but that did not get rid of the image on the desktop

Screenshot (89)

if its using Rainmeter just open the Rainmeter program, select the skin and click "unload".

Como hiciste para descargar esas nubes?

just move the taskbar up and delete it and then just move the taskbar back

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how to change the colors?

how i set to auto open when turn on my pc? thanks

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