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Today was the launch day of the End of Infinity MSPA. :icondaveapprovesplz:

Hop on over there to submit your suggestions via the Telegram Office and your idea will likely be used to make the next page.
Here's hoping everyone enjoys it!
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Well, to be exact, I'm on my way back.
Apparently the east coast Greyhound buses are totally pimp and have wifi.

Well, my first time at Otakon was really awesome. :D
I had a lot of fun at all of the Homestuck meets and met a lot of really friendly people. The bus ride here and all of the complications that happened while planning the trip were a huge mess to say the least, but in the end I think it was well worth it. I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with the wonderful people I met! If you guys are reading this, please don't be shy! :]

Thanks everyone, I had a blast!! :hug:
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This one's from :iconbobbyfasel:

Be one of the first 10 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will put your avatar and three deviations that I will personally select from your gallery in this "Share the Art" feature.

IMPORTANT: If you do comment, you're expected to do the same in your own journal; putting me on the first place, completing the list with 9 other people to make a sum of 10 people.
The idea behind this is NOT to get a free feature, but to help spread art and artists around for everyone. So why not check out the artists on other peoples' list?

Note, I edited mine from 15 to 10. I doubt many people will participate, so I'd rather not have a ton of blank spaces. Also, I don't have a subscription (not that I'd even want one since I feel DA should be free, given all the fucking ads everywhere), so you'll have to bare with plain links.

- A quality artist and awesome person.

time magazine cover
digital figure drawing

- I don't really know this person at all...

t-theres no meat buns in here
Guro Neko-chan Amigurumi
Chibiterasu Plush

- Superb costume craftswoman. She also makes convincingly canon-looking south part art.

South Park - Ghost Reference
Tired Link is Tired
Mascot Cosplay - Riolu

- I envy his animation skills. He's been improving a lot on his style lately, too.

Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues DRAFT
8 Years of Nasakii
I'm the Son of Rage and Love


Castle Marker Rendering
Messy Marker Scene
Bored at Work

- Skilled photographer and friend from high school. I particularly enjoy her black and white work.

Butterfly of Doom
The Meeting
The Businessman

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Thanks to a wonderful series of events and the help of some really awesome people, I'll actually be making it to Otakon after all! AAAAAAAAAAAAA You have no idea how ecstatic I am about this!

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Just posting this here real quick since a lot of my local friends (actually, do I even have any friends who are local?) aren't on twitter. Gonna delete it later.

So, because of work, I got two tickets to see HP7 before it hits theaters. Is there anyone in the SLC area who wants to tag along?
I don't have anyone else to take. :iconeridanforeveralone:

It's on July 14th at 4:30pm.
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Anime Expo was fucking amazing.
(Skip past the italicized chunk if you don't care how AX went.)

I drove down there and hung out with a bunch of friends for a few days before the con. We then piled into my car and stayed at the Luxe right across the street from the con. That hotel was FUCKING CHOICE. Like, holy fuck choice.

Met so many awesome people at the con! Made some new friends. :D Got an ass load of photos. Had fun at the raves. Wore my first cosplay.
It was magical.

There were a astounding amount of Homestuck cosplayers there. Also, everyone got surprise public performances of Homestuck songs by Michael Bowman and Tavia Morra. So fucking awesome! They're actually really awesome, friendly, fun people in person and a load of fun to hang out with. :3 My friends and I had the pleasure of spending the single most amazing 4th of July evening ever at Laguna Beach with them for fireworks, Con Air, popcorn escapades, and Kandi making. Seriously really fucking epic people.

Laguna Beach was amazing. We spent about 2 and a half days there after the con. If you ever visit southern California, you absolutely must hit up Laguna Beach. If there is any single place in the world that feels like home to me, it's Laguna Beach. To me, it's the most serene and comforting place in the world.

The only bad thing to happen on the trip was when I forgot my ukulele on the roof of my car as we left. I helplessly watched through the rear view mirror just as some asshole in a huge black SUV swerved to run it over on purpose. It would have been fine if not for him. Man, I cried like a fucking baby, cradling it's limp splinter-filled bag in my arms like a murdered lover. It was only $20, but it was my first ukulele. I taught myself how to play it all on my own, and have so many fond memories attached to it. Rest in peace, my friend.
C'est la vie.

On the upside, my car was christened with the name Rutan (after the Rutan Voyager) and took the trip like a fuckin boss. He's such a great car.

Now, here comes the bad news; unfortunately I won't be able to make it to Otakon after all.
My candy ass got so fucking raped by the solo drive from Salt Lake City to LA and back. I can now fully grasp how much I'd be utterly destroyed by the trek to Maryland, which is over 3 times the distance I just went. I can't really afford to take any other form of transit, so here we are.

Back on the upside again, though, is that I'm still going to Anime Bansai and Youmacon. I'm also looking into perhaps visiting another con to make up for the lack of Otakon.
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Ok, so scratch that last post.
The person I was going to room with turned out to be a bit of a weirdo. (See my Tumblr post.)

So, here's where things currently stand:
I'm doing a road trip down to Otakon for sure. Going along this route and still looking for others to carpool with. I have two seats left in my car, so if you're along that route and need a ride, let me know. :) At the moment I have one stop planned to pick up NaomiRomero and koisnake up in the Cleveland area. Bonus points if you're around there, so I don't have do detour too far again.

Now, how the aforementioned roomshare weirdness fits into this is that I'm now trying to arrange a new rooming situation. At the moment, NaomiRomero and koisnake are trying to help out with gathering some people to get a room of our own, or to perhaps room with a smaller group than they had planned earlier. If you have any interest in starting up a roomshare with us or have a mostly empty room of your own, please speak up! :D

Oh, and my cosplay list for this con consists of the following:
Karkat Vantas
Pantskat (gag/side costume to compliment the above)

Many thanks! You guys all rock!
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Presidential Proclamation--Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month

"I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2011 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. I call upon the people of the United States to eliminate prejudice everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the great diversity of the American people."

brb, crying tears of joy. :iconloveloveplz:
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Update again: all cons confirmed so far except for Otakon, just waiting to hear back about a hotel room! :D

So I'm caving in and doing a couple of cons this year.
It's been years since I attended one, and I feel like a big dumb dummy lame head for not doing ACEN this year.
So, I guess I'll make up for it by going to some I haven't been to before.

In chronological order:

+ AX - Anime Expo,
July 1st to 4th, L.A.

+ Otakon,
July 29th to 31st, Baltimore

+ Anime Banzai,
October 21st to 23rd, Salt Lake City.

+ Youmacon,
November 3rd to 6th, Detroit.

Anyone who lives in Utah near SLC or en-route to any of the above who is interested, I'm looking to do carpooling.
I can fit 5 tops, including myself. Only one taker for Youmacon so far. None for the others.

I'll be doing cosplays as female!Karkat at the july ones, and maybe a MLP:FiM Character as well if I have time. Hopefully portal2!Chell added into the mix for the later two, depending on time.

Not going to do the artist alley thing.

Commission information:…
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Uganda has dropped the death penalty!
This is a great step forward, but unfortunately there are still issues at hand.

Corrective Rape, a form of hate crime against GLBT individuals, is still not being taken seriously. Please take a moment to help here:…

Thank you, everyone who has helped.
End edit.

For what I'm about to say, I'm sure to make some enemies with those who are quick to judge and/or are of closed minds, but so be it.

Quote thingssheloves:
In the next 72 hours, conservative lawmakers could move a bill that would make being LGBT in Uganda a crime punishable by death.
This hateful bill is part of a pattern of the Ugandan government’s violent repression of pro-democracy forces within the country - and time is running out to stop it.
Can you please sign and share this petition demanding that Ugandan President Museveni stop the human rights violations by publicly vowing to veto the “Kill the Gays” bill?

…Ok, seriously. I’m still hearing about Japan to this day, but nobody ever gives love to less “popular” countries and cultures. The death toll for Japan was ~18k, but if Uganda’s GLBT issue goes unaddressed, the subsequent death toll could end up being ~500k. That’s over 27 times that of Japan.

I can’t stand all of this favoritism! If you all truly care about actually helping people, rather than helping your favorites, you’ll look into this and do something to help.

I don’t give a fuck if you love Japan because of anime, manga, and crap. You should help people simply to help people, regardless of if you’re a fan of their culture of not. If you gave to Japan, be it by doing charity art, giving money, or anything at all, then you sure as hell can spare a single moment to sign a simple petition and/or reblog this. They aren’t asking for money. They’re asking for help.

By all means, I give my condolences to all who were impacted by the disaster in Japan, but I mean to snap some sense into those who so eagerly jumped on the band wagon to help their fandom's home, rather than to purely help people in need.

It makes me sick that so many people blindly help others simply because they admire them, rather than helping because they are people in need. If you gave to Japan because of the latter, then I commend you. If you gave simply for the former, you should help others who are in need as well.

If you know anything about me, you'll know that I rarely ever tout my opinions on hot button issues in public. I'm sorry, but I simply have to state my mind on this one.
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So apparently people actually want to commission art from me. :iconpoobrainhorseplz:
LETS DO THIS THING. :iconallrightplz:

Current spots:

Previous happy customers:
:iconmordacaimt: - poster
:iconnaomiromero: - sculpture

Most recent examples:………

- Digital -
cost: $5
time: couple of hours or so.

- Traditional (mailed to you) -
cost: $5 + however much shipping is to your location.
time: couple of hours or so.

----Simple finished piece----
Most recent example:…

- Digital -
cost: $10
time: 1 day

- Traditional (mailed to you) -
cost: $10 + however much shipping is to your location.
time: 1 day

----Complex finished piece----
Most recent examples:……

- Digital -
cost: $50
time: 1 week to 1 month, depending on complexity.

Most recent example:…

cost: ~$50 to $100, depending on complexity + however much shipping is to your location.
time: ~1+ month(s), depending on complexity.

Most recent example:… BROFIST:…

- One frame -
cost: $3
time: couple of hours or so.

- Animated -
cost: $3 + $1 per frame
time: couple of hours or so, up to a day depending on complexity.

- BROFIST custom icon -
cost: $1
time: couple of hours or so, up to a day depending on complexity.

Note: Sprites are not to exceed 100x100 px in size and/or 20 frames each. These usually end up being ~20 colors, give or take. I can work with smaller or larger palates if needed.

Gimme a holler with what you have in mind.

Please send me a note with details of your request. If it's of a specific character, I'll need some source material to work from. The more, the merrier. :)

I can take check, cash by mail (if you really must, but I don't advise it), and maybe paypal. I don't ever use my paypal and am not familiar with it, so I would rather avoid it if possible.

Trades might be accepted. Maybe. Most likely not.

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Hey, everyone~! :D
I'm working on a little something that has to do with making a dreamscape, and need to collect some data~! I'm trying to put this out to everyone I can think of, so if you have a moment, please post your thoughts here. <3

I'm looking for some qualities of dreams, and I need to make sure that the attributes I decide to use are as universal as possible. So, rather than relying solely on my own personal experience, I want to take a consensus of as many people as I possibly can. :D

What I'm trying to collect data on in particular is stuff like:

- odd things the dreamer witnessed (like something out of a Salvador Dalí painting),

- things they felt (especially emotions and phobias, such as claustrophobia in a nightmare or perhaps stuff like disorientation, or maybe weightlessness in a pleasant dream),

- how the atmosphere was (dark, bright, less details around things that aren't the foal point),

- any symbolism they saw (and hopefully if they can allude to how its symbolic to them personally, so I can do some cultural cross analysis to make sure it would work universally),

- or any general things that they think are notable.
Stuff like that! :D

Heck, even if you can just link me to some inspirational material I might not have found on my own, that would be great, too!

Everyone that helps out will be thanked in the credits, and I'll be eternally grateful for your help. I'm doing my best to put a ton of effort into this, so it really means a lot. :3 Kudos to anyone who can get this list going in other areas. Any forums you're a part of, or if you can tweet a link to this, repost it to your journals, anything! Please link me to any location where your guys are posting data to, so I can get crackin' and compile that shiz! :D

Also, if anyone knows of good reading material on this subject, please let me know. All I can find so far is psychoanalysis Freudian crap, which is really dry and western-medicine-ly-bland.

Thanks so much, everyone~! <3
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I've been so behind on my inbox. Ever since Christmas break, I've had upwards of 3,000+ messages sitting around. I finally got it down to 0 today, and I want to apologize for the sparse comments I've left. x_x I did make a point to at least look every single image over, appreciating all the details and such. すみません~! どうもごめん!! あいすみません。
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XD Ahaha, man, this is some tough stuff! This is my second month in Japanese 1010, and I'm starting to get it a little bit. Woo!

So far I've learned all of my Hirigana, most of my Katakana, and we're about to start on Kanji soon. (Totally not looking forward to that, but oh well.) My mid-term is next week and I'm not too sure how well I'll do. I know a bit of vocab and sentence structure now, so I want to ask if anyone here either knows or is learning Japanese and would like to chat in AIM/Gtalk/Ymessenger/Skype to practice. :D Thanks to the ever-awesome guru of Linux ( :iconcyborg-ar: ) I'm able to type in all three character sets rather than just Romanji. ありがと ございます、 サイーボルガルさま!

So, who here's interested in chatting with a total newb? :D I won't be a weeaboo or anything, I'm sincerely trying to learn this language. <3

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Here we go guys! The finished product:…
:iconlaplz: Thanks so much for participating!


Ok, so :iconfelipechoque: did this first, but it was so awesome that I decided to give it a try as well. >:] I need something fun to do to take the edge off, and this is just plain awesome.

DRAW SOMETHING IN THE COMMENTS! :D What you draw here I'll turn around and draw as well. Doesn't matter if its a crappy mouse doodle. :3 Do something fun and for the lulz. Check out… for an example.

;3 As a bonus, llamas to participants if I haven't given you any yet.
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:T I got tired of seeing that wall of text on my page, so here's a funny snippet from my day-to-day:


[12:45:37] Nathan: .. 7days is mad lol
[12:46:03] Cari: sorry for the trouble
[12:46:48] Nathan: kk, you should deal with it asap.
[12:46:57] Nathan: racism and porn with no +18 message :S
[12:47:17] Cari: yes, our abuse department will resolve any report asap
[12:47:59] Nathan: Kk well you have to be quick
[12:48:02] Nathan: or i report to cyber police
[12:48:05] Nathan: for not having 18+
[12:48:39] Cari: understood

cyborg-ar :  



(falls out of chair laughing)
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Abridged for the lazy:

- Ebay DMCA department sucks balls.
- New art to be posted in a day or two.
- Going to Florida next month.
- Full Sail is a scam. (see… lol)
- Southwest is super awesome.
- Delta's refund policy is a scam.
- Going to visit Denver in September for National Art Portfolio Day.

:iconkindofabitchplz: I hardly ever update these days. I'm sorry.
Just realized how long its been since the last "post" ...which was a terribly sketchy paintchat.

But, well, that last issue with the art theft has since been resolved. Ebay is completely retarded, on a count of the myriad of hoops you have to jump through to reach their "Vero" department which handles DMCA complaints. Really wish they just had it in the damned FAQ.

:iconstupidtailsplz: Now that that's out of the way, I'm finishing up a sculpture project this next day or two, so you guys will at least have that to look forward to. Been trying to build up more stuff for my portfolio. Ah, and while on that topic:

(College bashing, skip ahead if TLDR.)
Full Sail is a fucking joke of a scam. I wasted a ton of time researching them and dropped nearly a grand to book a flight for both my dad and I to visit. However, I recently found that there is a lot of frighteningly shady shit going down over there. There's reports from teachers who quit that say their so called "industry connections" and "job placement rates for the industry related to your studies" are nothing more than knowing the owner of a nearby Blockbuster Video store that they get all their film students jobs at after graduation. Same thing goes for other studies, i.e. Game Art/Design > Gamestop.
FFFFFFFFFFFF :iconknucklespissedplz:

I spent a little over a week's worth of free time reading countless blogs and forums which all raise tons of red flags a mile wide. Hell, I don't think you could get a flagpole tall enough for that shit. Has anyone heard about the fucking class action lawsuit? Or even that this "institution" is about to lose their government financial aid assistance for students? Shit, man. A professor at my dads college said "It's nothing but a money trap."

Don't even get me started on all the other crap I found out. I could go on.

So, long story short, I'm doing hardcore digging on colleges. I think I've narrowed it down to about 3 really good ones so far which will be further narrowed by more research. DigiPen is actually not on my list. I found out they're revamping their game related courses currently, so it's not a good time to enroll in those.

Thankfully one of the places on my list is in Florida, so my flights won't be wasted.
Dad's flying Southwest which surprisingly enough has a very respectable refund policy that lets you re-use the funds within a year. That's great, cause I would have reused that to fly to one of these other colleges and the National Art Portfolio Day in Denver Colorado this September.

The issue was, however, that Delta (which my flight was booked under) is run by greedy fucking backstabbing bastards who want to charge 200 bucks just to re-use the money you already paid to them within a year. Delta airlines' "no risk refund policy" is a scam. Needless to say I will never fly Delta again, and recommend everyone else do the same. Fly Southwest instead. They were super awesome-- their reps refunded me with no issues, then a half hour later after arguing with Delta they went way out of thier way to retract my cancellation. They worked on it for like an hour, and even went to get a manager to finish it off for me. I have nothing but respect for those kind people.

:iconknucklesohnoesplz:Fucking scams left and right these days, I swear.
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I present to you:…

which ripped off my post:

Totally lame. :iconfffuuuplz:
Whoever this iceworldbizz guy is can fucking suck it. :iconfuckuplz:
Many thanks to Penanggalan who found and reported this to me. I would like it if anyone could swing by and drop her a llama badge or comment to help give thanks.
I've contacted both Ebay to report this user to hopefully have the account closed, and their webhost to report all of the copyright and DMCA infringement so the images can be pulled down. This loser is selling nothing but stolen art that they most likely found with google.
I doubt they would actually get any sales since it all looks terribly illegitimate, but still.:iconrraegplz:

In other news, I preset something that IS NOT LAME. :iconheehee-plz:
This series, Kaiba, is absolutely moving. It really makes you think while tugging at your heartstrings.
I don't think there is an official English version, so you can find a fan sub at this page:…
It's a bit confusing, but not on a Fight Club level, so you should be alright. Though, I plan to have a second watch-through momentarily.
The ending is very satisfying, too. :iconfinallyplz:

And while you're there, you can swing by… if you want to see little Trilby kitty. I finally got the footage of her off my Ipod.
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Oh, oh, It's been another month, hasn't it?
Well, time for another update, I suppose.:iconomgtailsplz:

OMG I have a kitten. :iconstupidtailsplz:
Her name is Trilby, and she's probably about a month old by now but I've had her for about a week. Fuzziest and toughest-rough-housing orange tabby I've met. UGH. She makes me feel all maternal and crap.

No pics just yet, as I can't get the damned F-Spot photo manager in Ubuntu to behave itself around my Ipod. If it would, I'd gladly post some adorable footage, but alaaaaaasssssssss.
I can't be bothered to upgrade to Fedora in a timely manner.
:iconsonicohnoesplz: SO NOTHING WORKS. Not even Photoshop ala WINE. Frekkin upgrade from Hardy Heron to Lucid Lynx was total balls for me. As was the Intrepid Ibex one awhile back.
wtf Ubuntu. really losing faith now.:icontailswtfplz:

Yes. I can't get enough of the Boxer Hockey sonic plz accounts.

UHM. I haven't done ...finished much arting lately.
It's been all go with Monster Hunter. :iconbatfaceplz: I'm about to take on the Rathalos. Totally pissed myself when seeing Diablos.
F that shit. Gonna take that guy down laaaaaaaaaterrrr.:iconsonicisseriousplz:
LOOK ME UP ONLINE, DAMMIT. My MH3 handle is "Mixiekin" with a capitalized M.

Finishing up the Shadoweyes sculpt any day now. Doing a poster for work. Making a new Fletcher animation with rawkz0rz. About halfway done with the Nerf Raider steampunk mods-- can't figure out how to put the cartridge holder back together now that it's painted, so I have to "accidentally buy one for someone and return it" after secretly taking it apart to examine the construction. It's been apart since December. I can't remember how it went.

Omg, Trilby fell asleep on my head.
:icontheydiditplz: Time for bed, I guess!

Link of the month:…
Go get you some good old fashioned Casa Loma Orchestra and otherwise awesome swing.
(Look closely on the left hand side of the site for the archive password. Download the albums at the + sign at the end of the description.)
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this marks the second move in 2010. Aaaaahahah. I can never seem to stay in one place long, it seems.

So, I've got it mostly sorted out now, but the place is a 3 bedroom apartment for 450 a month, so I'm going to take a bit of time to find a couple sensible room mates to help cut costs.

Need to cut back on spending because I'll be getting braces on the 3rd. Needed them all my life, but it's finally getting to the point that I simply HAVE to get it fixed now.

There goes my savings! It's like:
"Hey, life! Can I save money for college?"

Oh yeah, forgot to mention I might be going to Full Sail Uni in Florida. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, back to braces. I guess getting them at 21 is better than being a kid. My Orhto dude is super cool. He was all like "Put headgear on an adult? I'd never do that! It would be humiliating!"
So I was all like :iconhigh5plz:

Speaking of high5cat, a friend of a friend-with-benefits has a cat that took up residence in his back porch to have 4 adorable kittens. Since it's not even their cat, they're trying to get homes for the little cuties. I think I'll probably, maybe, miiiiight possibly try and hide one in my apartment :] I'm a big spender lately. Hahaha. Again, must cut back. Cats aren't cheap.

Ahhh, art art art. SO! I've got a sculpture nearly finished, another that needs to have its first baking, an animation (work in progress can be found in my scraps section), and a totally random sketch being inked. My scanner died, and I don't have a camera, so I'm trying to figure out how to get those posted up here when they're done. Will try to get one off of freecycle or something. But, rest assured I'm doing work. Mostly stuff for my portfolio. Need fresh stuff for the college application, you know.