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.:SHADOWEYES sculpture:.

By madmen
source materials, raw photos, and raws with outlines sketched on the hands/feet can be found here.


First time doing a real sculpture. Sure, I played around with clay in middles school pottery class, but that doesn't really count.
Man, I learned a lot on this project. :iconlaplz:
And, I must add, she had a really nice ass until I attached the clothes.

Anyway, this is a commemorative sculpture of Scout "Shadoweyes" ....[insert last name here], the titular protagonist of the new comic by Ross Campbell.
( :iconmooncalfe: ) ~~Congrats~!

There's a few pages posted on the site [link] but you can order the book.
...which is out of stock on amazon. :iconfffuuuplz:
I snoozed, and subsequently losed. :iconrejectedplz:

P.S. the concepts and logo are the refs I used. I included them to balance the pic and compare the sculpt with the original. I did not draw them. ;)
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:D aw, thanks!
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Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, haha~ Cool!
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Thanks, I guess. :)
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Looks really nice! I wish there you had a close up of the feet and hands as I'd really like to see you you handled that. I was just thinking today (while working on a Shadoweyes fan piece) that those would be problematic to costume or sculpt as they are defined only within Ross' artwork (if that makes sense).
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Oh, those actually weren't too difficult to make, but tricky to photograph. The raw photos I have aren't the best quality, but if it helps, I can post them with sketches over them to give definition. The issue is that they're entirely black and the paint is glossy, so you can't really tell where one part ends and another begins-- which is the same with his drawings, since black on black is difficult to give definition/volume. Also, Ross did give me some concept line art that illustrated the fingers and toes very well. (pictured very small in the top right of the sculpture posting.) I could send you that as well, if it helps. I'm sure he won't mind. :)

Currently on a trip to southern California, so I'll be able to post those a bit later in the week if you could remind me. :]
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Reminding you to post the Shadoweyes concept art you mentioned (if Ross won't mind) :)

Just re-read the TPB. It's such a fantastic read, I can hardly wait for more.
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Thanks for reminding me. :D
Here you go: [link]
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wow this is your first sculpture!? it's great! is it sculpie???
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Yep, my first. :) I's made with a mixture of white and brown studio sculpey which was on sail. I painted it with cheap 99¢ walk mart paint. The base is foam on wood with paper clay on the outer edge to smooth it out.

:D Glad you like it. I'm going to try a more detailed sculpture soon.
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SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :omg: i wish i could see it in person!!!! really amazing job.
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:D Glad you like how it turned out.

Well, if I ever end up going to a con you'll be at, I'll try and bring her along.
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great job with the sculpture. How big is it?
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About 6 inches tall.
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However, if I could find an 8 inch sculpture of spawn, I would be extremely happy.
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