Our Institution Madmen-Asylum is now a big group, has seen steady expansion over our years of existence. We now have a large number of members/patients. And our numbers help us to establish a strong community. 

deviantART Groups  How to Join

To join the Group it's easy. Just click on the Join button and you are in.
PS. If you applied for the membership and did not hear from us for three or more days please feel free to note us

Gallery  About Submissions

  • You are allowed one submission a day to each one of the folders. 
  • When you submit your works, please take notice of the folder descriptions (see below). 
  • Thank you.

Deviation love  Gallery Folders

→ Featured
This folder is for the featured deviations on the Madmen-Asylum's News Articles. If you believe a submission deserves to be included in the "Featured" folder, please note us

→ Dead Archives
This folder is saved exclusively for patients' registration material. 
* More info can be found in the Inmate and Staff registry documentation article.

→ Patients Rooms
Our beloved patients nightmares; All the members must send deviations here.
* Except literature, where it has its own folders.

→ Madness Chronicles
Literature and Visual Poetry; only words from the soul.

→ Strange Houses and Creepy Places
Old, abandoned and creepy houses belong here. We accept photography or manipulated photographs that fits the theme of eerie and ethereal locations.

PS. Before you make your submission, please take a look at the other content in the folder to make sure your works belong there :D (Big Grin)
If you have any troubles please feel free to note us :D (Big Grin)

  • Infraction and perpetrators will be punished by Boss Taizo.
  • Do not abuse the message system, post religious themes or hate against any deviant/group.
  • Members doing this will be warned by a member of the staff, the second time You are found to have violated these rules will lose submission privileges and the 3rd you have been indicted for the same offence will see us discharging you from the facility involuntarily.

Psychotic  Submissions CONDUCT

Don't send off-topic deviations; Remember the group theme: INSANITY

+favlove   Favourites Submissions

Q: What to submit as a fav? 
A: Madness, insanity, dark stuff in general.


Chatroom chat.deviantart.com/chat/madme…
Chatroom FAQ madmen-asylum.deviantart.com/b…

Handshake  Affiliates

Send us an Affiliation request and we will consider it.
You can see our Affiliates on our homepage.

Sherlock Holmes  Becoming part of the staff
I am watching all of You, behind the walls... I gonna send You an invitation if you deserve it.
However, if you believe you belong with the staff instead of the patients, please send us a request detailing why you think you are well-suited and which position you would like to apply for. We will consider your petition.

Lonely  Desertions

You are here by Your own will. However, We gonna be so sad if You decide to leave the group.
They're coming to take You away...
Someone called an ambulance! 

:icontarddanceplz: Group activities 

We are presently planning on group activities to be hosted at a more-or-less regular basis. We used to have more of them, but low patient participation forced us to cut down on our operating budget. Here are the ones we are presently planning on: 

Star! Art Jam: we plan on discussing a topic that pertains to the world of insanity and psychiatric illnesses. On a monthly basis. Patients do not need permission to join these group sessions. Just show up and speak your mind. 

Star! Ludovico Treatment: Video appreciation sessions. We present you with a video and hope to hear your comments and your reaction to them. You are not who you are, but who you think you are. These videos help us to see you through the fog and mirror. 
→ Current Ludovico Treatment (status: Open) New

Star! Contests
From time to time, we hold a Contest pertaining to specific themes of insanity and psychiatric disorders. Feel free to join us. Pit your mind and your abilities with your fellow patients. 
→ Current Contest (status: Open) New

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