Be sure to fill out your Registration Papers for the asylum so we know who is who. The plank sheet can be found:

If you need assistance, please direct your inquiries to an asylum staff member and they will help you as soon as they can. (which is guaranteed to be faster and more efficient than what the dAdmins can offer.)

Please submit your Registration Papers in the Dead Archives folder.

EDIT [Jan 27, 2010]
* Some info for those patients who wonder about abbreviations and the titles:

It's pretty straight forward, just put down descriptions of the character.
DOB is Date of Birth,
POB is Place of birth,
SSN is Social Security Number, there's no set way to fill it out, it's just for fun.
Special Handling code: if the inmate is dangerous, is there any special way of transporting them?
Inmate Code: whatever # you want your inmate to have
Alias and Alias remark: an Alias is a false name someone goes under as, so if your character has a real name and a nick name, the nickname is the alias. and the remark is just how they got it.

EDIT [Jan 9, 2010] 
Feel free to use our official seal there as well [We're sorry but the seal is unavailable at the moment]

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