Welcome to Your new house

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 7, 2009, 3:06 PM

The building was created for your comfort and had a marvelous old dome, in agreement with the classical tastes of the time. From the center building, used for administration offices, extended wings right and left for patients. From the ends of the wings, short cross sections dropped back to connect with our gardens for patients, which were parallel to the original wings. Each ward was enough out of line so that fresh air could reach it from all four sides, letting You spit those sick nightmares, which don't let you sleep by night.

The Madmen Asylum Staff

Mental Asylum Staff

Dr. Lecter: Principal.

Dr. Vanycot: Psychiatric therapies; specialty on telekinesis and paranormal mental activity investigations.

Dr. Docali: trained nurse, medical sister; maybe the only one who is sane inside of this place.

Dr. Mistress: Expert on sexual disorders; Your best private friend.

Dr. Tyrell: Pharmacist, psycho-drugs dealer.

Dr. Syn: With one eye seeing the past and one eye fixed on the future, he is a resident man of the letters. Specialises in one-on-one counselling.

Dr. Psychic Astrea: forensic psychiatrist she assesses possible psychiatric malpractice and negligence. Great with whips.

Dr. Caroline V.Hogback: Uhhh...hmm...oh yeah Psychological Mastermind

Dr. Johnsenberg: Specialist in electroshock therapy, electroshock erotica, electroshock torture and interrogation, and of course purveyor of fine gelatin-based dishes.

Dr. Danielle: Therapeutic group chatting

Nurse Hellen: Sweet foxy mad girl

almightybob42: Our honorable First patient; now boss of guards

Lechtonen: Our janitor

Boss Taizo: Morgue services; don't talk with him, is dangerous.

What's our goal?

To be a good art group, dedicated to the insanity.
Showing how deep the rabbit's hole is.

Once you got your own room
please feel free:

• To show us your nightmares,
• To contribute your dark favourites, and
• To invite your :psychotic: friends as well.


Madmen Asylum's Monthly news :new:
Insane Features from the Madmen-Asylum
Madmen Asylum is looking for patients


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