Need to raise money for GenCon!
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So now that the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter backers have so graciously approved my trip to GenCon, I find I'm short on funds to get there. The room is paid for, but the gas for the trip isn't, and some spending money would be nice. So commissions are open.

SPECIAL! If you're attending GenCon in Indianapolis this August, I'll add in an actual print you can pick up at the Palladium Books booth for a small additional fee (depending on the size of the print you want). Likewise, if you want a print from my gallery, that can be arranged at a substantial discount from the DeviantArt rates, drop me a note.

Commissions open; Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Supers, Post-Apocalypse, you name it, I'll put it in 3D art for you. If you want something from my gallery I can make some alterations to your specifications (like color changes, additional weapons on ships, logos, etc.).

Full color 300dpi character portraits at 33inx26in.

1 character = $50
2+ characters = ASK ME!

GenCon is in Indianapolis August 14-17 and I'm going up on the 13th, so there's only 20 days to get your art!

Payment accepted via paypal (it's easy to sign up and no risk or cost to you for making payments).

Note me here, PM me on the Palladium message boards, or IM me on Facebook.


Work samples:

Fealix and Jim by MADMANMIKE Hellmillia Greyaxe by MADMANMIKE Arak Silvertip by MADMANMIKE Howard Gilgamesh Wyndingham XV by MADMANMIKE Fat Larry by MADMANMIKE Gumshoe by MADMANMIKE RIFTS Dwarf Rogue Scientist by MADMANMIKE Mizzou Tigers by MADMANMIKE Ratling Crazy by MADMANMIKE Pete's Demigod by MADMANMIKE Sugar Pope, Zenith Moon Warper by MADMANMIKE Sugar Pope - Natural Form by MADMANMIKE Brian Foster Night Blogger by MADMANMIKE Kjell Doran Commission by MADMANMIKE Dolon Awnshiegh - Commission Piece by MADMANMIKE Dragon Soldiers by MADMANMIKE
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