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Heroes Unlimited Fillable Character Sheet

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Here's my Heroes Unlimited variation on the fillable character sheets.  Please use the download file button to the right instead of the download icon in the preview so that I can track how many people have it, thanks.

And feel free to comment below with any feedback.
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It doesn't seem to autofill, but I suppose that's a lot harder to code.
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I remember this game! I used to play a mishmash of palladium stuff back in the 90's
It's still going strong; they just released a 30th Anniversary Hardback edition.…

I'm running an Aliens Unlimited game with my friends on Saturday nights.
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I used to play a lot of Rolemaster/Spacemaster (by I.C.E.) as well. Fun system, and very detailed, but very complex. Palladium games were a nice break, they were a lot simpler.
There isn't a big roll playing scene here, heck, I think we have all of two dedicated comic shops in the city (for nearly a million people). 
I live in rural Missouri; there's one comic shop in the town where I work, but it doesn't generally stock Palladium products, so I just go straight to the source. Of course, being good friends with Kevin Siembieda helps in that regard, lol.

I wear my Palladium T-Shirts pretty much every day, and usually have on my RIFTS hoodie; I find they start conversations that let me expound upon the virtues of (real) gaming. The RP scene is what and where we make it!
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Not bad there Mike. Not bad at all. I could see this expanding to a 2nd page, allowing for more room for skills, powers, equipment and possibly a base. I mention allowing for more room as I personally tend to put a lot of detail of my powers, weapons, etc.. more so if it is a Bionic or Robotics PC/NPC. But overall, I do like the sheet. 
See the full megaversal sheet:
Full Megaverse Character Sheet Fillable by MADMANMIKE

When I get to it I'll be doing a variation on the other pages, and including my agency worksheet pages as well, probably as a drop-down menu set instead of a check the box like the original one done in the letter and legal designs.
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