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GenCon Gamers Live 2017

Last night was the Gamers Live event at GenCon and this year I decided to try getting all of the characters done during the show.

Gamers Live is somewhat like the TV show "Who's Line is it Anyway?", where the actors of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment get on stage to act like they're running a Role Playing Game session and the audience calls out suggestions for what type of characters they're going to play, and how the story will go. Audience also gets up and plays the part of non-player characters to help act out the adventure.

Mind you, the first character was decided upon at 7:15 and the show was over at 9.. We have a Chuckie Cheese animatronic robot, a Bardbarian who can turn into an elf three times a day, a half-giant half-Leprechan Corgie-mancer and a Mermaid-Minotaur Samurai Ninja.

Rendered in DazStudio and post-worked (after the show) in Photoshop.
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