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Finag the Green Character Portrait

Finag the Green is a young wizard from the Timiro Kingdom in Palladium Fantasy. Made for a character I'm playing in a play by post game at

EDIT: So that was a complete bust. I was excited to play the character in the adventure, and the GM agreed to let me use the spell learning rules from the Rifts Game Master Screens (which I designed). Then when the game started he went back on the agreement to use the spell learning rules, and the other players immediately turned on me.  The adventure starts with the patron providing a stack of one use scrolls. My character being the wizard, I took the scrolls to the local magic guild and traded them for a couple of unlimited use spells that would be more useful to the party. The party decided the value of the scrolls was more important than the usefulness of the spells and ran my character off.

So Bad GM and stupid players.
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