Fillable Aliens Unlimited Character Sheet

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Published: April 21, 2014
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So I'm preparing an AU game for my group and decided to make a character sheet specifically for it; This way I can load the skills for each appropriate occupation as presented in the Galaxy Guide and the players can pick what they want before generating their alien characters.

EDIT: Modified slightly, changed the extraneous Alien Appearance line to Occupation, expanded the WP damage fields and added blank options to the pop-up lists so it can be printed as a blank easier.

EDIT 2: Upon printing the sheet I realized that some of the fields seem to fade into the background where it's brighter, so I added a thin outline to each field, giving it a bit more coherence.
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Very've done a good job on these character sheets
MADMANMIKEProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks. I can't count the hours I put into them when I first started designing 22 years ago..