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FILLABLE Palladium Megaverse Character Sheet

Okay, here's my first attempt at a fillable character sheet for the Megaverse of Palladium games. Please use the download button and give it a whirl, then post some feedback.

Updated.. again, and this time I think I've caught the issues.

Backside can be found here: MegaverseCharacterSheetpg2 by MADMANMIKE

Spells & Psionics can be found here : FILLABLE Megaverse Spell Sheet by MADMANMIKE
© 2014 - 2021 MADMANMIKE
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Still have an unbeatable sheet. Thanks Mike.
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Like your sheets only problem I had was the main font you used was a bit harsh to us when printed out. Maybe a different easier on the eyes font like Arial that you bold for the labels.

It's been six years since I made that fillable, but I actually designed it over 20 years ago. This is my most recent design: Pathfinder Style Palladium Fantasy CS FILLABLE by MADMANMIKE .
Palladium's system DOES have major issues, and I have been playing it for decades at this point...but man, the freaking megaversal concept is neat, and Rifts itself is full of so much coolness!

Actually both MMMike and ILJackson would know apparently, they both seem to be pretty in touch with the world there in general. I just wish the newer "edition" had made a real attempt to clean things up.

Anywho, this is a really sweet sheet chief, and I might be close to talking my mostly Pathfinder playing group into a Rifts game, so I might give this one a try, if I do, i will be sure to elicit feedback and send it up the chain.
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I have a new group starting soon. I'll let you know how it goes.
Cool, I'm uploading the backside now.
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oi if RIFTS didnt give me a nose bleed id totally use this. favoriting it.

I made it a Megaverse Character Sheet because it can be used for any of Palladium's games. I use it most for Palladium Fantasy myself.

Also, if RIFTS gives you a nose-bleed, I don't think you've been playing it right..
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just cause you have it down doesnt mean everyone else done :P 
..uhmm.. I don't see how that's an argument, but whatever.. have a nice day.
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not sure why you feel the need to act offended cause someone doesnt like your game as much as you do, so it wasnt an argument as much as a statement. but you have a nice day as well
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Thanks. I just changed the file with a smaller font size on some of the fields to make more space, so download again for convenience.
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