FILLABLE Megaverse Spell Sheet

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Published: February 20, 2014
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Here's a page for Spells, Psionics, Chi abilities, and BIO-E abilities (P.P.E. field is a drop down menu to choose which kind) to accompany the Fillable Megaverse Character sheet:

FILLABLE Palladium Megaverse Character Sheet by MADMANMIKE  and it's page 2: MegaverseCharacterSheetpg2 by MADMANMIKE

EDIT: Apologies, this is only the second fillable .pdf I've made, so now this is updated to fix the major snafu with the first version.

EDIT 2: I've added a second page so there are now slots for up to 60 Abilities/Spells/Psionics/etc.

EDIT 3: Someone was finally kind enough to point out a field error in the fifth box; fixed it.
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