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Dystopian Tuesdays Dash the Dogboy

In the post-post apocalyptic world of RIFTS®… genetically engineered humanoid dogs are bred as super loyal cannon fodder by the sinister Coalition States.

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I used Dash in a game this very night. He did not last very long, but I had fun using him while he lasted.

He was working with a pair of humans who were Coalition-allied copies of the Player Characters from a parallel universe. Dash and his buddies were made to believe that the PCs were vampires, so they were plotting some anti-vampire kills. A fusion block trap disabled the PC's vehicle as it drove past, and Dash laid down laser fire at the vehicle immediately afterwards. The PCs blocked his line of fire with a smoke grenade and then two of the PCs rushed Dash through that smoke. He was able to get off a shot as the incoming Crazy, but the City Rat's well-placed vibro-throwing knife made quick work of poor Dash's head. His impressive speed never became a factor. Dash was only supposed to cause a distraction while two stealthy types sneaked up on the PCs from behind. The sneakers managed to inflict one casualty before they were disabled by a blinding flash spell and also killed.

Dash, we hardly knew you.