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The Danifred Class Light Freighter Danifred Class Light Freighter Landed by MADMANMIKE has a unique launch designed with an optional fuel skimming system that when utilized doubles the Danifred's fuel capacity. Often a captain will send a couple of crew members in the launch to skim fuel while landing the main ship at a Star Port to engage in trade. When the Skimmer redocks the additional fuel tanks are linked to the primary and ready to dump a full load of fuel for an additional jump.

The skimmer system's fuel tanks partially obscure the passenger cabin windows but the ability to jump an additional 3 parsecs without having to refuel in between is a decent trade-off. Because the fuel processing takes some time, the interior of the launch is designed for the long haul and is sometimes used as an additional crew cabin; two bunks, a full head, and a kitchen/common area with plenty of storage for rations and supplies.

The cockpit is unusually wide with 3 control stations, each capable of serving as pilot, but the port and starboard stations are designed for sensors/navigation and fuel skimmer operations respectively. A single crewman can pilot and navigate from the central control station if necessary. In addition there are 4 folding jump seats on the bridge giving the little ship seven secure seats. The airlock at the rear is spacious and has four large cabinets for storing cargo and/or EVA suits/equipment.

The rest of the ship is divided into three cabins by sealable bulkheads, the common area, bridge and quarters. In the floor of the common area is an airlock designed to connect to the Danifred's upper engineering section behind the aircar bay.

Enterprising Traders have been known to purchase this launch/fuel skimmer as an in-system business venture by itself, occasionally hitching a ride to another system to ply their trade. In these cases a weapon system or two are often added for defense and additional engines and drone piloting systems sometimes added to the skimmer apparatus to automate the process.

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