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Published: September 27, 2016
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I'm considering doing a set of paper minis for Traveller.. any interest?

Rendered in DazStudio and postworked in Photoshop.

EDIT: I went crazy and did ten sets of paper minis for Traveller, two of which were Aslan; check out my store:…
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Very Nice. More Aslan, Please!!!
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Love it.  Yes I'm interested.  Any chance of old style Battledress / Combat Armor, with and without helmets? Also, give high tech "tailored" vacc suits some love.  I'm guessing these can be scaled for different size hex/square maps?
MADMANMIKEProfessional Digital Artist
I usually do them at approximately 28mm scale, so if you use smaller they'd be easy to size down..

I've not played Traveller, only admired it from the interwebz, so I'm not familiar with the specifics, other than trying to create 3D versions of what I see in the art searches I've done.. And then I try to go with what looks like the 80's artwork I marveled at before I even knew what an RPG was..
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I mean, yes, please?