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Betty Rocketeer inks

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Published: October 9, 2012
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Here's a quick pin up I did featuring Betty Page as the Rocketeer.

Penciled by Stalk [link]
Inks by me.

As always let me know what you think.

Also if you would like to color this please note me back giving proper credit to both of us.
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MarcoSchnitzlerHobbyist Photographer
I've colored your artwork, hope you like it:…
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richmbaileyHobbyist Digital Artist
Dropped some retro colors on this bad boy >…
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stalkProfessional Traditional Artist
Very great work! I'm diggin' how you translated the sketchy linework like on her body and especially the definition you gave her hair. I love that you tweaked things in the ink that needed tweaking like the way you defined her nylons and I love the little lace touch on the top of the visible thigh. I always tell inkers especially when they work off of rough lines like my sketchwork that I want to see them play around with it more, add more of themselves in the ink and you've done that here which makes me a very happy penciller. I'm also diggin' the way you tamed her eyes a bit which in my pencilled version she looks a bit more wide-eyed and wild while in your inks her gaze is more subtle and centered.

My only complaints, and they are nit-picky at best so don't take them to heart too much, is that I would've liked to see you push the metal textures a bit more on her gun and the helmet and elevate them to the same level of detail and rendering as her clothing and figure. Also, since you added to the canvas size you could've continued the gun to keep it from being cut off by the edge. Like I mentioned first though, these are just nit-picks and don't take away from how cool you made this piece with your inks.

Really, really amazing work and I applaud your initiative and choices. If ever you want to take another shot at inking more of my stuff you have my blessings. Inkers like you are a rare in these times and traditional to boot. Keep up the good work!
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madman1Professional Artist
Wow!Thanks for taking the time to actually do a critique.I agree with the gun comment.To be honest guns are one of my week points due to not having references around,but with this one I should have grab my copy of the books and did it up.

I glad you were happy with the little tweeks I did.I get nervous sometimes when I do that since there have been time where the penciler wasn't happy that I would make choices like that as an inker,and that can cause creative difficulties when trying to establish a working partnership.Granted in this case it was purely for fun but it's a mind set I have.

Anyway I'm glad you liked it over all and would be happy to ink up more of your stuff in the future.
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stalkProfessional Traditional Artist
No harm, no foul on the gun-like I said it was just me being nit-picky is all. I think you did fine with the info I gave in the pencils.

I can't speak for all pencillers but it's been my experience that most are touchy about how their art is handled by inkers and colorists. While I can relate having had my share of botched up art, I still love to see inkers throw some of their own flair on pieces especially stuff that is so loosely rendered like the original of this was. When you think of all the great penciller/inker teams in comics and you search their art as individuals and a team you see that there is a synergy that comes from the penciller knowing when to let the inker do their thing and the inker knowing when the pencils need it to make a so-so image even better. I'm not too precious about my pencils as long as the end product is all the better for it. In this case it was a good thing so no worries there. A good penciller will always concede to a good inker and the end results will always be much, much greater.

It's too bad that the only way to really find out if it'll work is trial and error though. I think this is why so many new inkers have a hard time getting that confidence needed to push pencils into a good final product. You know that with my stuff as long as you're bringing something to the table and not just "tracing" lines you've got my blessing and my respect.

Thanks again!
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Bravo sir, bravo. Fine work on the hatching
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madman1Professional Artist
Thanks as always.
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