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Mr.Enter and Rebel Taxi

By madlinkplz
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:iconsatoshiwaveplz: Hi Hi Everynyan! I've been gone for a really long time, due to some kind of hidden virus, but after of hours of derping around I finally defeated it. Yesh...
Oh but this is a picture of chibi Mr. Enter and Chibi RebelTaxi/Panpizza, I love both of these two, so I decided to draw them. :iconuu-plz: but unforunately Mr. Enter have been taking off of Youtube. You can watching his videos on Daily motion and support him :iconhontoplz: 
:iconahehplz: Mr. Enter if you ever see this, I want you to know that you rock. 
:iconsparkleeyeyuiplz: And I'll keep supporting you!
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I'm glad they're friends now
JoeSketchConcepts-DA's avatar

Until we see Mr.Enter guest star within a Pizza Party Podcast, I won't believe it.

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The Irony is that Rebel Taxi hates Mr.Enter and believes he is plagerising his work.
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daffydanazi's avatar
he's got a good point
Butterfox99's avatar
It's funny to see a cute enter.
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Despite the amount of hate these guys get, you gotta admit they are really good reviewers, Enter is a bit nitpicky and Pan is a little too sensitive, but every point they make is solid.
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Pan doesn't really get a lot of hate anyway, his videos are flawless. Enter on the other hand is a different story. 
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Oh yeah, without a doubt... I mean I may respect Enter a bit more if he wasn't always pissed off at literally everything that wasn't flawless.

As for Pan... well, his videos are great, though as a person he often gets a lot of flak, mainly due to the whole "Ruby Gloom Shirt" incident.
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Pan pizza is the superior of the two
Mixed-weirdo's avatar
This picture is so adorable and their facial expressions represent them perfectly 
ZenKnightLady56's avatar
OMFG this is so cute!!!!
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One is shit, the other is not shit. (psst, the one that is shit is the one who is comparable to Chris-Chan and Sammy Sonic Fan.... you know who I'm talking about)
LotCMarluxiaplz's avatar
The shitty one being Pan, glad someone else agrees.
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Pan is an intelligent entertaining content creator. Enter is the SammySonicFan of cartoon focused YouTubers, except with no irony, and he's an adult.
LotCMarluxiaplz's avatar
That analogy made absolutely no sense.
Another-Color's avatar

Don't insult pan like that
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