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Fire and Ice.
Fire and ice elements combined no matter which element is the strongest.

so I was noticing for awhile some devaints and other artists are doing half face view portraits and it inspired me to create this. 

Akia and Eira belongs to me.
front sprites by: :icondanielarkansanengine:.
Magic duel
Just a friendly magic Duel between Thomas and lady. Well, Mostly lady was testing Thomas's magic to see how strong Thomas's magic is. 

Thomas and lady belongs to HiT Entertainment/Mattel Thomas and friends.
mlp belongs to hasbro and Lauren Faust.
credits goes to pony creator for android.
Admiring love.
I've drawn this late last night on paper before tracing it into digital art.

So far I'm starting to get a little better at drawing digital. Sorry if the poses are little... Off.. I'm still a beginner at drawing people.

faith belongs to me.
hiro belongs to HiT Entertainment/Mattel Thomas and friends.
artwork by me.
RQ: nightly stay.
Another request from my bae :iconthomaspokemon97:. Hope you like it baby. :) 

Madlilon belongs to me.
nickloas himself :iconthomaspokemon97:.
base by: :icondarkangel-kurai134:.
RQ: Sandy
Request from Sandra :iconthe-orient-express: hope you like it. :)

Sandy belongs to :iconthe-orient-express:.
mlp belongs to hasbro and Lauren Faust.
artwork by me.
Little crush.
Despite the fact that most people ship yong bao and Hong mei together as a couple. Yes, I'll admit it is a good ship but... Meh.. I find Hong mei a little young for yong bao to be his love interest. So... This just "maybe" be a shipping idea between my oc mìng Huì and yong bao and probably will be in my AU. Typically mìng Huì secretly has a little crush on yong bao. although mìng Huì acts a little tough around yong bao that's basically because mìng Huì thoughts if she acts tough to get yong bao to like her.

But however yong bao didn't like her tough behavior towards him. and the way mìng Huì speaks to him like if he was a animal. and tells her it's not polite to treat others like that and everyone should be treated with respect equally. Eventaully mìng Huì apologizes to yong bao for the way she treated him and forsaken herself to try to be gentle as best as she can. Yong bao forgives mìng Huì and gives mìng Huì a second chance, and helps mìng Huì an guiding her to help treat others with kindness and respect equally. 

Mìng Huì belongs to me. 
Yong bao belongs to HiT Entertainment/Mattel Thomas and friends.
sprites by: :icondanielarkansanengine:, :iconryanbrony765:, and :iconzephyr4501:
B-Day gift: Ashima and Maddie.
An early birthday gift for :iconmaddgirlz3761:. Hope you like it maddie. :) 

maddie (her ponysona) belongs to :iconmaddgirlz3761:.
Ashima belongs to HiT Entertainment/Mattel Thomas and friends.
mlp belongs to hasbro and Lauren Faust.
artwork by me.
Mlp: Element of Honest.
Here is applejack the cow mare herself, bearer of the element of honesty.
 typically applejack is one of my favorite characters from MLP.

Applejack belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
artwork by me.
Forsaken Time.
Bloom mei has been the guradian of the timeline for many generations, for years she castes aside her lasting youth just forsaking benefit for protecting the timeline. from evil invaders or other creatures from destroying the future, the past, and the present. yet the ponies future and showing others their time. As her newly powers corrupts within her mind she can feel the burning pain inside her body as she fights through the pain yet as the tears pour down her face. thus damaging her youth.

bloom mei belongs to me.
mlp belongs to hasbro and Lauren Faust. 
Base by: :iconcrystalmoon101:.
Butterfly approach.
Kiro approaching a butterfly for the first time.

kiro belongs to me.
mlp belongs to hasbro and Lauren Faust.
base by: :iconelementbases: 
Mlp: The Great and Powerful Trixe!
Here is the great and powerful trixe herself, trixe. 

Trixe and mlp belongs to hasbro and Lauren Faust.
artwork by me.
Well I'm starting to feel a little better, my sore throat is slowly fading away I'm able to talk clear, and my nose is not feeling so running. So that's a relief. By the way I have to thank you all for wishing me to get well soon and all the support you've given me, it is highly appreciated. :)  
MLP: Starlight Glimmer.
I've been wanting to draw starlight glimmer for awhile now.

starlight Glimmer and mlp belongs to hasbro and Lauren Faust.
artwork by me.
RQ: Virginia River
Request from :icon4505redmikado: hope you like it, sorry for the delay. :)

virginia river belongs to :icon4505redmikado:
Mlp belongs to hasbro and Lauren Faust.
artwork by me.



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Hello there.

welcome to my page dear visiter or friend of mine.

My name is Madison spears. and I was born on July 31 2003. I'm just your typical average girl with a autistic disability and also a gifted artist who follows her passion of creating art.

I continue processing in life and high wishes to accomplish her dream goals as I still continue to move forward in life. but you can call me maddie or by my account name madlilon.

well as an artist...

I like drawing to practice my art skills, at this point I will still keep on practicing my art skills until Time flows by. Besides i'm like any other artist, I put in a lot of hard work in my art. Not only putting in hard work and effort in my art but also enjoying doing it so, Infect drawing is my favorite hobby. :)



1. DO NOT post Negative, spam, inappropriate, troll, Immature, or offense comments on my Gallary, deviations, or on my profile!!

2. DO NOT steal, copy or trace, MY Artwork!!

3. DO NOT Annoy me by asking me stupid questions!!

4. DO NOT HARASS other deviant members or my friends or my DA family members on my page!!

5. DO NOT use my Work without my permission!! And you Must credit my OC's and my work and don't claim the work as your own!!

6. Do NOT Bother wasten your time or my time going after me for any rants, or harassments, towards me! or Trying to pick a Fight with me!!


My DA family.

My DA Brothers: :iconnatethegreat476: :icon03garyjohnson: :icongreyhoundproductions: :iconindominus4356: :iconthomaspokemon97: :iconthomasformerswars101: :iconfavoriteartman: :iconsup-fan: :iconjamesroper:
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