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An awkward meeting. by Madlilon2051 An awkward meeting. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 8 1 Misaki the northern D51. by Madlilon2051 Misaki the northern D51. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 10 1 Viewing Mount Fuji by Madlilon2051 Viewing Mount Fuji :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 10 1 Relaxing alone. by Madlilon2051 Relaxing alone. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 7 10 My ponysona's dark side: Shattered nightmare. by Madlilon2051 My ponysona's dark side: Shattered nightmare. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 8 17 Mlp Girffin OC: Snowla Willow the bilnd girffin. by Madlilon2051 Mlp Girffin OC: Snowla Willow the bilnd girffin. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 9 3 Shatter crystal's swimsuit. by Madlilon2051 Shatter crystal's swimsuit. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 14 2 GIFT: hugs for teagan. by Madlilon2051 GIFT: hugs for teagan. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 10 2 Shatter crystal fallen to her death. by Madlilon2051 Shatter crystal fallen to her death. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 11 8 Timothy (demon) by Madlilon2051 Timothy (demon) :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 12 3 Timothy (normal) by Madlilon2051 Timothy (normal) :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 11 1 Flower surfer's cutie mark. by Madlilon2051 Flower surfer's cutie mark. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 7 1 MLP OC: flower surfer. by Madlilon2051 MLP OC: flower surfer. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 10 2 'Why I'm I feeling so down' by Madlilon2051 'Why I'm I feeling so down' :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 11 12 An unforgettable nightmare. by Madlilon2051 An unforgettable nightmare. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 8 9 Madlilon travels through the mountains. by Madlilon2051 Madlilon travels through the mountains. :iconmadlilon2051:Madlilon2051 10 9


An awkward meeting.
An awkward meeting to Misaki.

anyway, Misaki belongs to me.
madlilon myself.
background by :iconRyanBrony576:
Misaki the northern D51.
A new OC based on hiro's basics and class. 
Misaki build in 1920. Misaki is a royal navy blue d51 lives up the mountains of Fuji.  where she spends most of her life being a goods engine in Japan. Originally she used to work on the oigawa railway before she had to go up the mountains for a hard better job and life during war times, but now according to her appearance. Misaki's paint work response as one of the most strongest and loyal engines on japan. 

Anywho lets get onto her personality. Misaki is grand, kind, gentle, often vain, loyal, wise, and a motherly soul to others and yours truly.

Misaki belongs to me.
Details and desgins by me.
Spirte by:icondanielarkansanengine:
Viewing Mount Fuji
Just another faith and hiro moment.
Anyway, Hiro wanted to show faith the view of mount fuji before they visited the mountain.

Faith (satomi) belongs to me.
Hiro belongs to HiTEntertainment/Mattel Thomas and Friends.
Background by Google mount fuji

Tracks and spirtes belongs to :icondanielarkansanengine: 
Faith the Japanese steam engine.
Build in 1930.
Her original name was satomi back in Japan.
Faith is a Japanese standard gauge engine. works both on the sodor railway and the oigawa railway.  she used to live in Japan till she came to sodor in order to keep her in service' faith is grand, very mature, gentle, wise, strong, and a motherly soul to others, and is able to find beauty in any engine she meets. and willingly to help her friends in need. 

UPDATE: fixed her name plate and paint job.
update 2: I given her striped funnel and given more detail on her face, and makeup.
update 3: I fixed her face and make up and changed her number to "1151" and given flowers on the tender.
update 4: i changed faith's nameplate to English and I erased off the flowers but the white rose and added Gold lining on the tender. 

Yeah.... I'm Gonna on fixing......
Spirte belongs to :iconindominus4356:  
Mlp Girffin OC: Snowla Willow the bilnd girffin.
Here is my girffin oc. Snowla the blind girffin... Oh took me so long to finish The tail had killed me..X.X

anyway, snowla's bio coming soon.

please tell me what you think of her?  

Snowla belongs to me.
details and necklace, and spots by me.
girffin base by :iconselenaede:
Relaxing alone.
Just the family spending time together. 

Hiro belongs to HiT Entertainment/Mattel Thomas and Friends.
Faith and Kiro belongs to me.
Background by Google.
Credit: pony creator for Android.
My ponysona's dark side: Shattered nightmare.
Shatter Crystal's darkside.

Shattered nightmare (me)
Cutie mark by me.
Details and armor by me.
Base by :iconshiibases:

Update: edited the necklace and leg armor.
Shatter crystal's swimsuit.
Here's what my ponysona as a EQ girl in her swimsuit.
shatter crystal (me)
details by me.
Update: edited the skirt.
base by :iconselenaede:
Merpony Shatter Crystal
Here's what my ponysona would like as a merpony..Or seapony....

Shatter crystal (myself)
Background by Google.

Merpony twilight sparkle base by: :iconselenaede:



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Madison spears
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Hello, welcome to my page dear viewer or friend of mine. My name is Madison and I was born on July 31 2003. but you can call me maddie or by my account name madlilon. I am a proud 15 year old and I like to draw to improve my art skills I'm also a beginner at digital art at this point so I will improve until I get better. Things that I like to draw are humanizing Thomas and friends characters, trains, animals, making OC's writing fanfics etc.



1. DO NOT post rude or troll comments!
2.DO NOT criticize me or my artwork or I will criticize YOU!
3.DO NOT steal my artwork!
4. DO NOT harass other deviants on my page!
5.DO NOT use my artwork without my permission!! And you Must credit my OC's and my work!
6. DO NOT ask me any stupidity questions!


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