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And Sue
Detest my words of tranquility
Perceiving your hostility as a fine complimentary
Stipulating manipulation kinda rather nicely
:iconmadkill:Madkill 3 1
People disgust me
People are the disgusting animals that avoid me,
Cats and dogs all truly love me,
Calm and collective, sustainable self-control,
"Can we be friends?" And they say "no."
Words uttered, mind preached,
Their eyes always glued to my teeth,
I can be indirect, bounce around their subject,
How they feel is not in my prospect.
I am the one in control of myself,
They can think and I am,
They can speak but I won't,
Am I the one in control of myself?
:iconmadkill:Madkill 1 0
To seem, to be.
To seem, to be, someone who walks,
Along an endless wall,
To think, to dream, something that talks,
Always miming in thrall,
To act, to dance, emotions on chalks,
Away pretending you’re small,
To change, to merge, remorse for Fawkes-sake!
Amend that which you withdrawal.
:iconmadkill:Madkill 1 0
Sail Away
To whom I have written to, just a lonely step ahead of you.
:iconmadkill:Madkill 1 0
I fight to overthrow to stand as a victor
I live on in memory through man's strength
I defend against the dirt that mucks up right and wrong
I am incognito.
:iconmadkill:Madkill 1 0
MFW: Pinkie Pie by Madkill MFW: Pinkie Pie :iconmadkill:Madkill 5 21
An idea can feel warm and fuzzy
Even if you end up cold and lifeless;
Unnoticed and unappreciated;
Abused and endangered;
Rehabilitation just won't cut it.
:iconmadkill:Madkill 3 0
Ice Breaker, Page 1
Ice Breaker
Page 1
A potent smell of long exposed sweat filled the room with clothing scattered upon areas of the floor covered in stains, muck and more disgusting smells, the odours were one with the room and with its single inhabitancy who hadn't even noticed the difference between his room and everything outside it. Despite the white walls the room was still very dim due to the dyeing light bulb of which the inhabitant had no idea when the light bulb would need replacing. "When it has died it can be recycled with a new one" He uttered to the computer screen before him completely monotone and expressionless, looking over to his radiator which hadn't been on for quite some time his several towels still damp from his most recent shower.
Blankly staring into his monitor and contemplating what to do now other than sleep a small noise caught him by surprise, he had received an instant message which read 'Updates your news feed =]' odd surprise which involved him doing so
:iconmadkill:Madkill 1 2
Super Saiyan Mad by Madkill Super Saiyan Mad :iconmadkill:Madkill 1 2
Millie Winters
...Eight-nineteen A-M, December nineteenth, the street lights dimly shined through the tall frosted windows creating a rectangular mosaic pattern of light at the foot of the bed, Millies's nose began to twitch more and more until her eyes peaked open; staring silently at the drawer on the right-hand side for a while peacefully merging strings of thought, out of nowhere! Millies's body forced a jolt back and the shock of what was approaching teased her instincts as she threw her hand against her mouth reversing the movement. "Achoo- Ow!" She murmurred, clumsily she had thrusted her head too fast and too far foreward so much that her head managed to ricochet against the face of the drawer, applying a sloppy amount of pressure with her hand to nurse the pain away.
"Beats setting an alarm I suppose" Said Millie.
After a while of continued rest she got a shivering thought as to why she could lay so loosely under her bed covers, normally during winter she'd have to curl into a fetal position
:iconmadkill:Madkill 0 5
Abigail's Field Day
Abigail sat patiently at a desk in the classroom located on the far side of the school, today was the worst day she could have gotten a detention as a friend of hers she'd been excited about visiting arrived almost an hour ago and she was unable to be there when the friend will have arrived. "I hope he'll forgive me for making him wait for so long…What a day to get a detention, I'm so stupid!" Abigail muttered to herself, being stuck in the classroom for just over an hour now, she pondered the idea of leaving and running out of school since the teacher had left the room for more than fifteen minutes, but that also risked her being kept for longer if she were to be caught trying to sneak out, she'd had more than enough trouble for one day; luck had clearly stumped for Abigail. As she leaned over her desk, head resting on her arms, she paid very little attention when the door opened and locked the moment it was shut once again.
"Mrs.Patterson clearly doesn't trust me "Thought Abigai
:iconmadkill:Madkill 0 5
DA ID 2 by Madkill DA ID 2 :iconmadkill:Madkill 2 4
Fair Draculina
Under crimson moons of a castle-millenia stretched across the nether,
Does the dracula and his disciples remain stuck to dance forever,
Only for the one that held both the pure and the dark sides of the faculty,
Could you have released me from a ballrom I thought I was bound to for all eternity.
:iconmadkill:Madkill 1 0
Dear Diary Day -6
So talking
at night
about a fight
about some other time
it was sublime
I was here
she was there
talking with our voices
it was good
all the time
so there I was
and here she is
random little things
brightened my day
it could happen any other day
if only every day
but if it was every day
the novelty would wear off
I'm not sure whether
or not
it could be any better
defeinitely wouldn't want it
to be worse
the only problem
that could ruin this
is time
the time
when it hits am
I am
in my zone
:iconmadkill:Madkill 1 0
Dear Diary Day -5
The awareness,
Paranoid for my own intent,
unknown spiraling,
Eye-lids locked around the rim
the eyeballs jittery,
Spine tense,
Limbs fragile,
Thoughts surging,
A confused brain,
I ask if it could be...
Distant and hollow questions...
Contemplate 'Why?'
:iconmadkill:Madkill 0 0
Distraction Theatre by Madkill Distraction Theatre :iconmadkill:Madkill 1 8


Star my chicken, closeup by Dancinglemur Star my chicken, closeup :icondancinglemur:Dancinglemur 1 3 Travels III: The Seed by RabidBlackDog Travels III: The Seed :iconrabidblackdog:RabidBlackDog 295 25 Magmar by Jnaxizemus Magmar :iconjnaxizemus:Jnaxizemus 7 2 Weezing 2 by Jnaxizemus Weezing 2 :iconjnaxizemus:Jnaxizemus 3 4 A light beneath by Dee-T A light beneath :icondee-t:Dee-T 1,506 131 aaand all over again.... by shiniez
Mature content
aaand all over again.... :iconshiniez:shiniez 1,278 397
A word to my younger self as we fight
Pretty child,
Delicate and free,
Someday you’ll see your freedom-
Your voice is the key.
You fought in a whisper,
Eight long years ago,
In an outward silence,
Especially in your own home.
Over the years,
You’ll meet others,
Some who will fight you,
And your sisters and brothers.
With each rally, lobby
And person you’ll meet,
More hands will reach out,
Pulling you out of your seat.
You will no longer be quiet,
By choice and need,
To speak in clarity, truth, and
Passion for all to be free.
Your drive for equality of love
And love for thy friend and foe
Will help bring victory
To everyone you know.
Listen sweetheart,
It will be a tough road
But you do make a difference
And will continue to as you grow.
Oh, what I wish I could say
To my pretty-in-pink self
Who was brave enough to fight
To come out on that dark, lonely day.
:iconmlphipps1991:mlphipps1991 13 6
151. I'm Not Alone
Second person
In my head
Comes to aid
When I need him.
Born in darkness
Thrives on pain
Anger, humiliation-
You see me as
A weak
Human being.
You don't understand.
I have a
Different power.
-Strongest strength
Is strength unseen-
*smiles widely*
            im not alone...
:iconmindofgenius:MindOfGenius 4 35
AppleJack Cutie Mark Wallpaper by flamelauncher14 AppleJack Cutie Mark Wallpaper :iconflamelauncher14:flamelauncher14 43 5 Raise This Barn (Dj Gestap remix) Cover by GestapWarmHunter Raise This Barn (Dj Gestap remix) Cover :icongestapwarmhunter:GestapWarmHunter 192 25 Hatchling #4: Cerelamb by Neesha Hatchling #4: Cerelamb :iconneesha:Neesha 107 23 Paramite by Kooyanisqatsi Paramite :iconkooyanisqatsi:Kooyanisqatsi 47 12 RACHEL by Anita-chu RACHEL :iconanita-chu:Anita-chu 4 6 Pinkie Screensaver (With Sound) by The-Paper-Pony Pinkie Screensaver (With Sound) :iconthe-paper-pony:The-Paper-Pony 6,688 1,370



Never could you see me walking
I just stood there, standing, stalking,
watching, waiting, daunting, haunting,
hoping, wishing, planning, plotting.

Never could you have predicted
My perverted loving halted!
Hindered! Wondered, admitted,
twisted, fingered and fisted.

Never could I feel so real
We have you here, standing still,
on cold steel and all bones bare,
you weren't spared, as that is rare.

Never ever, quiver near,
killer there, murder here,
sooner better, fear forever,
and forever, I am near.
An Oath
Oh was this fun to write, so much fun it was to write indeed.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Its been so long since I managed to have such a lovely flow. :D

Tip: The ideal way to read this piece.
First stanza- very fast.
Second stanza- medium to fast.
Third stanza- medium.
Fourth stanza- slow to a grinding halt

--Contains: Sexual Themes, Violence/Gore, Ideologically Sensitive material--
I have returned from a long, long slumber and its time to do something a lot different than before and therefore I shall… you a reel with three (exactly the same) dark voices on it, something new is on the horizon and I aim to have a change of name soon.

Now to dust off this place and prepare it for the new beginning! (The paper-skin will return in the next Entry)

  • Listening to: Sigur Ros - Von


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