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Optical confusion for this illusion made with Paint.Net
You could feel the wheel is rotating.
The background grid is strictly made with straight lines but you could think there is a curvature near the center: no no!
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I could stare at this for like, ever. xD Bravo.
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I got your dll for the Majority effect plugin. Nice job!
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Thanks for the info.
Majority doesn't seem to be a favorite plugin, but I'm not surprised to have a comment about it on DA as I belive it could be use for artistics stuff...
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There is a plugin from Filter Forge called, "Tri Color". It makes the total picture only 3 colors. Is there anything like that for I would buy it.
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I don't think there is a plugin like that yet.
You should rise the question on the forum...
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In fact, the AutoChrome Noise Effect allows to transform an image into a 3 colors (+ some black)... Give it a try!
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(Nice job on both the plugin and this gem of an illusion here)
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WOW! This is really cool! I kinda got disy(sp) when I looked at this! lol

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Looks great, I like this a lot.
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perfect love the transparency of the rays. strange how that distortion comes thru even when there isn't any at all ....

now I've just to think of a way to work this into one of my pictures.
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Warning. Dont use this as wallpaper. Strange thing will happen to your mind.
Ha, ha. Just kidding. Looking great. But it is a bit hypnotic. ;-)
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