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Team Fortress 1850s


There is a story here...

It involves them stealing some sort of intelligence from a town, hijacking a train, getting stranded in the desert, and getting chase by bandits as they try to reach the administrator with the intelligence they've stolen. 

That's all I got.

This would be a funny comic to read. XD

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Top panel: soldier, scout, spy

2nd panel: Pyro, engineer.

3rd panel: medic, heavy

4th panel: soldier again, demoman

5tu panel: soldier yet again, spy again, sniper, scout again

Guessing thats all the classes, also although Abraham Lincoln did invent rocket jumping (I think) it looks like he's got a flamethrower sooooooooo...

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When I look at this AU I'm reminded of the music from the opening of the Mann vs Machine trailer.
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I can pertysurw on some of them but just for clarification who is who?

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Sniper in the 1850's Still looks sexy!
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I agree too sexy
I'm not going to lie, this art is probably some of the best that I've seen on this website! I love how much personality is shown on these characters. (Sorry about how I'm wording this, listening to Nostalgia Critic makes me sound like a critic.)
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LoL thank you :]
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Think a game mode involving these characters is a good idea?  It could even be campaign.Maybe 
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I like that idea. :]
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Finish the Portal comic then make this one happen

Ill give you an Internet cookie
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Internet cookie?!  AW YEAH!! :D
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This is really good~! You're good with making characters; I could never do something like that...I think I've fainted. 

Have you ever thought about making this into an actual comic?
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Thank you. 

I'm thinking about it, but I want to find a writer to help me write this. 
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I can try my hand at it, if you like. I love to write...
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Well I'm not starting on this project anytime soon but you can write it if you want. :]
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Yeah, I know that feeling. It's hard to find a writer who can do good FanFiction.

Incidently, I'm hoping to write a story about the 1850s mercs meeting the present day mercs some day.
Make it. Finish the portal crossover, then make this comic
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Don't want to burn you out over all these comics you have going. :3
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This so beautiful.La la la la La la la la La la la la  
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