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TF2 Fusions - Pyro/Engie and Demo/Solly

More Pyro/Engie and Demo/Solly doodles. These pairs are my favorite so far.  

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RhodOnTheRoad's avatar
I'm imagining when Engie and Pyro fuse, Engie finds out a lot about pyro
such as gender, thought process and shit like that
MadJesters1's avatar
Even horrible nightmares and deadly scary past of Pyro. 0_0
Engie doesn't speak about it once out of the fusion. XD
RhodOnTheRoad's avatar
I probably wouldn't either, at least Engie's a really good friend.
p.s. your are is goddamn beautiful, I always find myself going back to it
MadJesters1's avatar
Aww agree. Engie wouldn't just spill secrets like that. 
Thank you very much. X3
HirotheNiceOne's avatar
And Pyro's face is still unknown. Even if it's a fusion.
TigerheartFire's avatar
If these guys were to have names, I would call the Demo/Soldier Fusion, "The Grenadier" and the Engie/Pyro fusion, "The Blacksmith."
HirotheNiceOne's avatar
The blacksmith... *Thinks of something super racist*
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Primal-Sans's avatar
I have a friend who was born in Australia but now lives in Scotland, that kinda gave me an idea of a Sniper and Demoman Fusion perhaps? It's cool if you don't do requests thou, just thought it'd be a neat thing to see :P
MadJesters1's avatar
Well, I can do it as a commission. :]
Primal-Sans's avatar
As in a paid commission? I don't really have any money to give away, m'sorry
MadJesters1's avatar
Haha that is okay! XD
Primal-Sans's avatar
Thanks for understanding and sorry I couldn't pay you ;3;
cindercat01's avatar
hey some on has like made a bunch of fanfic's based on your fusion ideas I think you should maybe check I'm out if you haven't and maybe draw the fusions in them but that's your choice…

and sorry I haven't been submitting any of my fusion fanfics
MadJesters1's avatar
oh yeah I remember reading some of these before. :]
Thanks for the link! :D
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acoronadluvsprowl's avatar
Hmm..... What about Engi and Spy fusion? What would that look like?
or maybe Spy and Pyro?
just a thought.
techicoloredDisaster's avatar
AAAH! This is so cool!!
ArtisticMemecake's avatar
Who's Solly? (I'm still a noob.)
MadJesters1's avatar
Short name/nickname for Soldier.
ArtisticMemecake's avatar
I love when I ask a question then it gets answered two minutes after I ask it and I feel so stupid. Thank you anyway!!
ozzyshost's avatar
YAY Fusion!! 
whenyinmetyang's avatar
I just loved demosolly's skin. I could look at it for a long time wondering what shade of brown is it. Plus he seems to have demo's good natured personality when he's sober. 

Pyro engie: I'm probably thinking he's naturally curious, childlike but smart. I wonder what could engie glean about pyro's head after fusing?
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