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TF2 Fusions

I like this AU.  Sniper/Spy fusion belongs to Sebia.

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Love the heavy x medic! Looks cute

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Heavy + Medic = healing minigun xD

Pyro + Engi = flamethrower sentry?

sniper + spy = invisible sniper lmao

Pauling + scout = scout the contractor

Scout the contractor XD

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I always thought Sniper and Spy would make a Ninja or something honestly :/

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ooo! That would be cool! :D

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I know, with Sniper's pin-point accuracy with long-range weapons(think bow and arrow) and Spy's stealth, it'd be hard for Ninja to not come to mind

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what if all classes fuse ???
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yeah,it was an absurd question :D
like saxton hale
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Let’s call it The MERCENARY the caps stay 
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I was trying to find this and I forgot to favorite before!
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Medic x Heavy is ultimate dad material
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THAT HEAVYMEDIC FUSION THO AMIRIGHT Side Eyes Emoji Side Eyes Emoji dA Search Icon dA Search Icon 
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that.....that sniperspy fusion... though.. 
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Spy x Sniper: Hitman
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What's engie/pyro's name? Matchbox? Sparkplug?
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Matchbox sounds nice. :]
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Heavy + Medic fusion.... I can hear Garnet's song "Stronger Than You" echo'd in my head already....
Garnet Emote 4 (Garnet Approves)
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You know exactly why "Stronger than you" fits Heavy X Medic fusion perfectly, right?
(X-files theme plays)
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