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TF2 Fusion- Medic and Sniper

Last fusion! I just wanted to a draw out Medic/Sniper fusion. I like it.  :)

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*whispers quietly* I'd still smash

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Me: Loves doves and owls.
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aaaaa this is so cute where can i get more of this

>// V \\ <

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maybe there are still few TF2 fusions on Tumblr. You just got to look for them. 
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What do you think their voice would sound like??
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Sexy hahah!  I don't know XD
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I cant even.. thanks for making my day with a new OTP
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Also, I read the fanfic in the description of one of your masterpieces!! I LOVED IT! ( iknow it isn't yours.)  I pin pointed each moment from what you drew and when I read it, it came up in my mind as I read. your an inspiration to me now =) I hope we can chat more like this!.. kinda xD
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Thank you very much! I'm very glad you are enjoying my stuff!
Yeah we can chat if you want. I don't bite. XD
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I invited you to a Fangroup I made dedicated to your art, I'm also working on a drawing based off this fusion!

I gotta warn you about my drawing, I'm still a mere beginner, and I used one of your drawings as reference so I could get it just right.. I'm going to credit you, so I hope you don't mind..

And with the group! I invited you to Co-Founder, since you were the inspiration! =)
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COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you should do spy and scout I imagin them looking like a ninja or something
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omg it so cute :3
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I wonder how he can put his shirt on with four arms. It should be interesting (hilarious) to see.
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