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TF2- Blood in the Water2

But yes, I will love some Medic and Sniper heart to heart interaction in the next comic update. And Pauling and Medic.

I will love both of those things. Please and thank you. 

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Sniper mom and dad is dead like demomans dicc

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poor sniper and demo. :'[

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Yes rip to both

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It so sad 😭
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What happened to his parents again?
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Sniper's parents died. :[
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Why i remember he adopted right
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Of course, nothing is better than waking up and seeing that man's face on your, smiling like a jester XD.
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How did Sniper's parents dead? if they just dead within 6 months ago then did they die together/got killed?
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Probably they die because they were to old
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true, i forgot. 
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When's the next part coming out?
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Why did I feel sorry for Sniper in here? His real parents are assholes and he didn't get well with his parents until their deaths.
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Pauling is gay >_>
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the second to last pic. Sniper's face clearly reads: Wot the bloody hell mate?
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This is really good! I seriously wish this is what will happen in the next comic.
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pfff nice XD poor Sniper...

I hope there'll be some sort of Sniper-Medic-moment in the next comic update, too
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