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Just wondering what about Left 4 Dead you haven’t put characters from that game in here maybe the main characters could be like super bending masters that Chell and Scout meet to learn special bending that regular benders couldn’t teach them and the infected well I’m not very sure for them but maybe the special infected could be a dangerous but easily controllable group of spirits that Grey Mann sends after them just a thought you could also try something with the popular Half Life Mod Cry of Fear you could make something interesting from it especially from the monsters and the protagonist Simon
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They could be!
I remember long ago they were just random citizens that help Chell and her team when she was alive. 
As for the infected, your way is very believable! Grey could have used infected lost souls to his advantage some way. Create a strong army of the undead haha XD
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Yeah, I like hearing many people's headcanons over this AU. It is just fun to talk about it. :]
Pyro is best firebending teacher
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! OMG Pyro trying to teach firebend is AWESOME!!! Why is it only now that I've found this?!
Second panel.
Pyro, please keep the fire away from th-*boom*
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Who is Gordon in Portal?
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He is from another valve game called Half-Life. 
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Which is implied to be in the same universe.
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Oh ok thanks ^^
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that last one is funny XD
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this is all so lovely!

i am really intrigued on how you'll make the cave jhonson backstory. (and maybe explosive cabbages instead of lemons)

I must say i love the pyro mask you drew so much, i'd really love to see it actually on the steam workshop!
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Can't understand a word he's saying. Poor scout.Pikachu Piff Plz 
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Scout: I didn't ask for this.  0_0

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Metal bending crowbars, the way of Gordon Freeman.
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I love that last panel with Pyro teaching Scout (or trying to at the very least). I think I'd have the same expression as Scout in that sort of situation. XD
Btw, Pyro seems to have six fingers on their right hand in the first drawing. 
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Well what do you know, pyro grew an extra finger. XD LoL 
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Or maybe they're a cousin of the Author from Gravity Falls. XD
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lol Pyro teacher XDD awesome!!!!
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