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Commission Content Rules:


Payment is through Paypal ONLY. NO DA POINTS.
I accept OCs of all kinds (I will need references) and cartoons, comics, games, or movies are allowed. Pairings are okay.  I’m usually open to all subtle subjects, either way, talk with me first.
If you have any other questions, send me a message on my Tumblr page, Deviant Art or email. Thank you and have a nice day! :D


Email address-  


Main Blog Tumblr-

Website- theartofjanetfigueroa

Janet Figueroa/MadJesters1's Terms and Conditions 

Please note if there is any indication of you canceling this drawing/Project while I'm drawing, I have a cancellation fee of 50 USD. However, this does not apply when I finished the drawing and turn in the file to you. NO REFUNDS when the commission is done. 

I have the right to stop drawing the commission if I can no longer draw due to schedule, health, and/or poor communication between artist and client. If I choose to stop working on the commission, I will refund the money the client had paid. 

 I have the right to share and post artwork/commissions on social media as well put in my portfolio after the release/completion of the project. If you wish to purchase the IP (Intellectual Property) which are the rights to use the drawing to sell on products without the artist's name attached to the drawing, the price of the commission will increase. 

Art(c)Madjesters1/JF 2020

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cmara's avatar

.3. I feel so tempted

MadJesters1's avatar

No pressure here XD I'll still be open.

cmara's avatar

:hmm: Well, what fandoms can you do?

MadJesters1's avatar

I'm fine with any really. What are the ones you like?

cmara's avatar

I’ve got quite a few; Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and I’m also big with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

MadJesters1's avatar

I can do those. :]

cmara's avatar

Cool. Mind if I note?

MadJesters1's avatar

Sure. Go ahead.

NexosDrago87's avatar

I will contact you again for a commission in the near future :D

MadJesters1's avatar
Sure, let me know when you are ready. :]
EmberDrag's avatar
I'm wondering something, is the $10 extra characters for any extra characters or is it per extra character? I'm trying to figure out pricing for myself based on this, so I can possibly get a commission. :)
MadJesters1's avatar
10$ per extra character in one drawing. 
If they are separate drawings it wouldn't be 10$. 
Send me a note if you are still interested. :]
NexosDrago87's avatar
Are commissions open?
I am still interested on that idea xD

MadJesters1's avatar
Oh yeah, they are. Just send me an email when you are ready. I'll see it faster there. :]
NexosDrago87's avatar
Nice, i already send you my email. I mostly use my general use email for most of my projects and contacts :)
Looking forward to it.
NexosDrago87's avatar
Do you still take commissions?
What do you charge for OC character sheet? :)
MadJesters1's avatar
Yes. I just recently closed my commissions but you asked a day ago so I'll still work with you. 

For a character sheet, for 100$ There will be three turns around with color, five color face expressions, and three black and white random poses. 

For 60$ there will be two flat colors turn around, four black and white face expressions and two black and white random body poses. 
TigerheartFire's avatar
Are the commissions still open at the moment?
MadJesters1's avatar
Yes, they are! :D Send me a note when you are ready. :]
BoomBuzz's avatar
Are commissions still open?
MadJesters1's avatar
Yes they are, sorry for the late reply. 
Send me a note with details of the commission when you are ready. :]
sun-pop's avatar
Hi!! I'm very interested in a full body comish with flat colors :3 Should I note you or email you or something, or can we work it out here in the comments? :D
MadJesters1's avatar
Let's talk in notes in private, please. Thank you. 
95Jezzica's avatar
What would your prices be for a faceset similar to this one? 

China MMD Faceset by 95Jezzica  * (Neck and up, basically).
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