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Litt- The Monster

I love this creature. I shall call it....Static.  Not the best name but I love it either way. :)

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OOooh I thought it was made of trees or hardened vines, you know like a wicker basket D: GIANT WICKER MONSTER!!!!!
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Lo, how thousands have fallen to this nameless malevolence,
beguiled into farce hope as they desperately sought purchase with their swords,
striking at the heart,
the heart,
the heart,
It's one weakness, a display of vanity; 
was in truth, It's greatest trap,
as it easily ensnared the deceived to ruin.


A gloriously well-Crafted art piece, Good Jester.
In mood, Ambiance, setting and Design,
A game surely cannot be far.
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Damn, that is some poem right there. I like it. 

Why thank you for your kind words good sir or madam. :]
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Tzhaar! And I assure you the sensation is all the more mutual and equally shared, My friend.
A fantastic piece as par excellence to inspire
good feelings of amused awe and storytelling prowess.

That and.. well, I recently listened to the narrator of a charming little game called Darkest Dungeons,

And I thank you for continuing to fulfill us all, Artwise.
Suave Gentleman  Sir Ali, At your behest, Friend. Keep yourself well.
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Haha! Wow. XD You have a way with words, very charming. Thank you very much and I wish you a good day and night! :D
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A way with words as your ways with the pencil, I sure hope.

I do thank you ever so as well, And Good Morning and Good night to you as well. skooks =y Thumbs up (icon) 
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Hmm... Interesting...
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Static kind of reminds me of the Wisp Moth-- no wait, that's not it.. What are they called... the tree woman creatures... Ach I cant remember.. but their from Skyrim.
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That looks awesome :D
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Whoa! That looks amazing! I love it that you share your art with everyone here. You sure do manage to inspire some, including me! :clap:
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Thank you very much. :D
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once again your work makes me jealous 
fantastic job! Clap 
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it's creeputiful!!!!!!!!
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Hmmmm. For some reason, all I can think of is Radar Love by Golden Earring.
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